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Hi, I’m Svetlana Krasnova, the founder of Best Indian Weddings Italy and the Indian Weddings Specialist for Italy. I’m glad you are here willing to make the first step towards the realization of your amazing Indian wedding in Italy and book your free Infocall with me.

Every time I talk to a couple, the wedding costs aspect understandably pops out. For this reason, I produced a dedicated to this topic video to be watched before requesting the video call, so that you can immediately understand if the budget you have in mind is realistic or not.



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Let's Do Some Calculations Together!

Thank you for taking your time to watch the video!

I hope this video has been useful and has cleared your mind about the costs for Indian weddings in Italy.

My mission as Indian weddings Specialist is to help all Indian couples looking to get married in Italy, and talking about the budget from the very beginning, providing you with a concrete information and without hiding anything, unlike many other planners do, is my very own approach.

I want you to be aware of what you can expect in Italy and what not, and especially I want to help you calculate from the beginning the budget you would potentially need for the wedding you have in mind. 

I hope you have taken notes and done your calculations. How do you feel so far? Is the information provided in line with your estimations or were you expecting much lower or much higher prices? 

are you ready for the next step?

Take your time, if needed, you don’t have to rush. You may need to talk to your other half first, or to your parents, before deciding on your wedding plans. You can come back to this page once you are ready, as the link to the page has been already sent to you by email.

And if instead you already have a clear idea of what to do, please answer a few questions below to find out the best solution for your specific situation.

Our services are calibrated on the needs of the couple, and we offer a personalized approach for each request.

If you are still uncertain about your wedding plans and need to look around, please feel free to explore our amazing Wedding Blog and our professional Portfolio of beautiful Indian weddings in Italy for advice and inspiration.

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