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Gennaio 16, 2024

Welcome party at your Indian wedding in Italy

Even if the Welcome party can be “simpler” in terms of décor or settings compared to the other traditional Indian pre-wedding events, it is actually the “first impression” your guests will have of your wedding celebrations after arriving to Italy, and therefore it must not be underestimated. It doesn’t need to be grand, though there are small tidbits that can be added without too much investment. Check this blog post to discover some ideas that will add that extra touch to your event.
Dicembre 4, 2023

4 crucial aspects in the choice of the venue for your Indian wedding in Italy

One of the main topics that we often find ourselves talking about with the couples who contact us is how to be sure of making the right choice when it comes to the venue for their Indian wedding in Italy. Precisely for this reason we have decided to reveal the 4 main criteria to take into consideration when selecting the villas to evaluate for your wedding. Curious to find out what they are? Read this blog post
Ottobre 18, 2023

Food preferences and how to manage them

Managing all the specific food preferences of your guests may look like an easy task. But is it really? Considering that in an Indian wedding there are always many guests with different food preferences, if this aspect is taken lightly, it could cause many problems during the food functions. And you definitely want your guests to be happy with the food at your wedding in Italy. Not to worry though, we’re here to help you tackle it! Find out step by step process in this blog post.
Febbraio 18, 2023

What to watch out for when choosing the catering company for your Indian wedding in Italy

When it comes to choosing a catering company for an Indian wedding in Italy couples often don’t know what criteria to adopt to make the right choice. Oftentimes they only look at the price and compare the financial proposals overlooking all the other important aspects that can make the fate of their wedding. Food cost takes half of the whole wedding budget. So, it’s crucial to fully understand what aspects can influence the price of the wedding meals to make sure you choose the catering company that best suits your wedding.
Dicembre 8, 2022

How easy is it to choose a wedding venue in Italy?

The choice of the wedding venue is the first step for all Indian couples considering getting married in Italy. But how to make sure you don’t get disappointed with your choice? Couples often base their choice on beautiful pictures seen online or on photos of other Indian weddings held in Italy, but is it enough to find the right venue for your Indian wedding? If you think that it’s quite easy to select Italian venues suitable for your Indian celebrations, then you definitely need to read this blog post.
Novembre 24, 2022

How a wedding setup project is born

How do we work on creating a wedding setup project to ensure that the idea of each couple comes to life? Not always a beautiful backdrop is enough for a wedding. Sometimes, a certain type of high-level setup is essential for some couples who want that wow-factor for a more lavish and luxurious event. But how does that all come together, to make sure that an idea becomes an extraordinary reality? Come discover the behind-the-scenes of one of our biggest wedding projects of all times.
Maggio 3, 2022

Wedding food tasting: How and when to do it

Choosing to have a destination wedding in Italy means that the food tasting must be done here and that you would need to come at least once to try the food that will be served at your wedding. The menu tasting is a serious affair and can’t be taken lightly or decided at the last minute. There are different aspects to take into account before you come to Italy to taste the food. Want to know in detail about how to approach the menu tasting to make sure you choose the right food provider for your Indian wedding in Italy? Read the full blog post for all the details.
Marzo 18, 2022

Indian food or Italian food? Both please!

Food is an important part of every wedding, especially an Indian wedding! And when you decide to have a destination wedding in Italy you need to evaluate what food options you may have. Full Indian? Full Italian? What is the best option? In this blog post I’m sharing some useful advice based on my experience as Indian Weddings Specialist in Italy. Read the full post to find out more about how to make your guests leave an authentic experience.
Gennaio 28, 2022

How to compare wedding decor’s quotes

The decor is a huge part of an Indian wedding, and choosing the right florist to entrust the decoration of your celebrations in Italy is crucial if you want a stunning outcome keeping your budget in mind. Sometimes couples just collect quotes and compare estimations without going into what is behind those estimations. But it’s never just only about the price. Actually, if you don’t look attentively at some important aspects and just choose the cheapest wedding flowers’ supplier, you risk getting just a bad copy of what you are expecting for your Indian wedding in Italy. Find out more in this post.
Agosto 6, 2021

Wedding package or à la carte planning services?

Oftentimes couples mention packages but when I dwell deeper in details, I get to know that every couple has their own idea of that. However, there is a common element in every request of a wedding package - that of the cost. Because the idea that most of the couples have is that packages help them save money, that they are more affordable. However, it’s important to understand what exactly a wedding package means, how their components usually work and what you need to pay your attention to to make sure that a package truly works better for you.