Wedding garlands

What Indian wedding celebration would it be without fresh flowers? It would not be an authentic wedding. But this applies to all wedding celebrations. And since we specialize in organizing Indian weddings in Italy, we know well that an essential factor to making an Indian wedding authentic is in the wedding garlands – Jaymala – that the bride and groom exchange as a symbol of love and acceptance. Fresh flower wreaths are not always used, but when they are used, they are certainly more impactful than fake wreaths. Tradition dictates that the wedding garlands should be long and heavy, and our florist will know how to design and compose them in the color you want. It is also possible to create interesting color dynamics, both with different shades of the same color, from darker to lighter, and also with two completely different colors to create more contrast. The traditional garlands are red, because this is the color of Indian weddings. Brides often decide to mix red with white or another color from the color scheme of the wedding. Lately, it is very trendy to match the wedding garlands to the bride and groom’s outfits, and also to the flowers used to decorate the Mandap. In this way, everything follows the same color scheme, making the whole picture very harmonious.

As for the flowers, the florists use fresh carnations, roses and daisies if you want a large wedding garland. If, instead, you want a thinner one, then we can use margarite, Kalanchoe and white Buvardia flowers for a really romantic and delicate effect. Whatever the color, the flowers and the size of the wedding garland you desire, we will realize it perfectly, to make your wedding Jaymala soft and fragrant.