Sikh pre-wedding events in Italy

Every respectable Indian wedding has a series of pre-wedding events to adhere to, each with its individual and profound significance. Some Indian pre-wedding events are usually done at home, but often couples decide go abroad to celebrate several events before the actual wedding, as it is an opportunity to share them with friends and relatives gathering for the occasion. This is what Sanjit and Harpreet did with over 200 guests flying from various parts of the world into Italy for their Sikh wedding in Tuscany.

A beautiful villa surrounded by greenery was the setting for the pre-wedding day of our Sikh couple. The Maiyan rites began with the beautiful Rangoli that women prepared with colored powders. For this occasion we setup a venue’s room with Indian rugs and colorful cushions. This gorgeous room was full of plants and had an amazing view on the Tuscan countryside. In fact, it was the perfect backdrop for emotional pictures.

The newlyweds arrived ready to be colored with turmeric paste during Vatna. In fact the groom did well to put on a simple white T-shirt – it ended up being yellow too, to the delight of his friends. The most emotional ceremony was Choora, where the bracelets – called choora precisely – were washed in milk and worn to the bride, readying her to become a wife. The farewell to the family is always very moving, tears were flowing freely that day. In the end, joy and happiness were the overwhelming emotions, culminating in the cheerful Jago night. And before the dances started, a full Indian buffet dinner was served. For the occasion we collaborated with a Tuscan catering which have Indian chefs in the team, wh prepared Pani Puri, Pakoras, Samosas and other Indian snacks. Dancing, music, good food and lots of fun – just as Sikh pre-wedding events should be!