Planning a Destination Wedding is no easy task. And PLANNING AN INDIAN DESTINATION WEDDING IS A REAL CHALLENGE  that requires big efforts, both financial and mental, for every Indian couple. It’s not easy being Indian brides and grooms. Just think about all the traditional events that have to be planned at home before the wedding itself. But at least you can count on the help of your families. And then when it comes to the most important part of the celebrations to be planned abroad, miles away from home, things get harder and your fears get more amplified. What happens if things don’t go as planned? What if the final result is not worth the money spent? What if your guests may judge your choice of having a Destination wedding and your parents, who are helping you pay for it, are disappointed?

We know how stressed you may feel. You have big expectations for your wedding, the most important day of your lives that only happens once, and you obviously want it to be perfect. YOU CAN’T RISK HAVING SOMETHING GO WRONG and ruin such an important moment. But how can you be sure to make the right choice and don’t fall in one of the many traps all over the web? Often it’s hard to immediately understand whether you can entrust your wedding to the planner you have contacted or not. You need to be extra careful, because if you make a wrong choice this what YOU RISK: 

Stressful planning and the hassle

Miscommunication and delays

Overspending, budget issues

Lack of organizzation


Stressful planning and the hassle:

At the basis of a perfect Indian destination wedding, there’s the KNOWLEDGE OF INDIAN CULTURE AND ITS TRADITIONS, as well as its specific needs, which are different from other weddings. Having planned a few Indian weddings by chance is not enough to become an expert. There are even people who claim to be “specialized in all types of weddings”, trying to lure in all the possible couples. Unfortunately they are generic planners, who don’t have time to study the peculiarity of your culture. They offer generic solutions, which are not tailor-made for you and your needs; they suggest Villas which are not suitable for an Indian wedding, or suppliers who don’t know anything about these kind of weddings and give you unthinkable quotes. Do you really want to spend your time explaining how your Indian wedding is structured? Instead, if you want to communicate with someone who is specialized in this and deeply knows even the smallest details, then you can request a videocall with the Indian weddings Specialist who will CLARIFY YOUR FIRST DOUBTS ABOUT THE PLANNING OF AN INDIAN WEDDING IN ITALY.


Miscommunication and delays:

One of biggest risks you can run into is falling into the “assembly-line wedding” kind of agency, those who plan 30-50-100 weddings a year, and ending up being treated like just another date on their calendar. If your planner has dozens of other couples to handle, they surely don’t have enough time to dedicate to you, and it’s easy to have delays and confusion. These agencies only care about numbers, and they suggest packages solutions to make their work easier; they make you bounce from a planner to another one of their team, like a tennis ball, making you hold your breath until the wedding day. An Indian wedding instead, needs a lot more time, work and attention than any other wedding. You need a PLANNER WHO COMMITS AND DEDICATES ALL THE NECESSARY TIME TO YOU AND YOUR WEDDING. As a matter of fact, we decided to only accept FEW COUPLES PER YEAR. Find out more about what YOU CAN BENEFIT from an agency that only plans a small number of weddings.


Overspending, budget issues:

An Indian wedding is made up of many variables, and it’s extremely important to manage the wedding budget with the right criteria, or you’ll end up going over budget in no time! Unfortunately, falling into the trap of Instagram accounts with pictures of beautiful setups is very easy, ending up in the hands of a wedding designer whose main job is to make you use your money for super expensive décor, to have great pictures and get published on different wedding magazines. But an Indian wedding is not about that, and the Budget needs to be well managed or it won’t be enough for everything! For this reason, it’s extremely important to MAKE AN ACCURATE PLAN OF THE BUDGET and know from the beginning all the variables that can influence the costs of an Indian wedding in Italy. This is the only way you’ll be able to avoid any scam and the risk of embarking on a wedding that will drain your bank account. And mostly it will give you the peace of mind to live this experience in total serenity. Don’t risk going over budget!


Lack of organization:

An Indian wedding is not made up of just two people, but it carries back 100-200 people who come to Italy for at least 2-3 days full of events all day long. And then there are all the logistics concerning these guests, the tight timings and the schedule of the rituals to respect. You can’t just wing it! A THOROUGH PREPARATION is needed, and YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN PLANNING INDIAN WEDDINGS, as well as a close-knit team able to handle every situation most effectively. Unfortunately, when looking for the lowest price, you can risk falling in the hands of impromptu planners who have no idea how to plan such a complex wedding. You only get one chance to make everything perfect, and you can’t risk ruining the dream of a lifetime. Listen to these brides and grooms, find out what they say about their wedding planner and their precious feedback and advice.

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Riproduci video
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If you don’t want to end up stuck in this chaos, with everything falling apart, finding yourself in the middle of the planning wanting to give up and cancel the wedding, then request now your free videocall with the Specialist in planning Indian weddings in Italy, to get an idea and UNDERSTAND IF ITALY IS REALLY RIGHT FOR YOU to plan the wedding you dream of. Only someone who truly understands you and knows what your true needs are, can EXPLAIN THE PITFALLS THAT HIDE BEHIND WRONG CHOICES, and the problems you may incur into trying to plan your destination wedding in Italy.


It’s not for those couples who:

We only manage 3 appointments per week, to thoroughly analyze your situation and find THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU. Without the appointment with the Specialist, you risk entrusting your wedding to someone who only cares about showing you pretty photos, but then when it’s already too late, you realize that those villas or setups from the pictures are not suitable for an Indian wedding, or they are so expensive that you would go over budget. If you’re always busy with work and you don’t have much time for the appointment, you risk confirming with someone you’ll regret later. Believe me, there’s a fine line between dream and nightmare.

If instead you want to face the choice of destination wedding being CALM AND IN FULL AWARENESS, then inquire about the videocall with the only Specialist in planning Indian weddings in Italy, it’s TOTALLY FREE!! During this 100% FREE consultation you’ll be able to find out: 

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Julin Shanujan Chandrarajah
Leggi Tutto
Can not recommend taking the call with Svetlana enough. The fantasy of a wedding abroad in Italy started becoming a reality as we talked to her. She is very knowledgable and had answers to every question and has really helped us. The free call she does is very helpful and her blogs are amazing and she’s every bit as honest in person as in her blogs. Her experience is very evident and usually I am the person who likes to plan everything myself but Svetlana’s wealth of knowledge, experience and connections will be helpful and necessary especially when planning something in a different country. I didn’t know what to expect from the call initially and the internet is so obscure when it comes to anything price related especially when it comes to a wedding but Svetlana took our budget told us what we can expect and what we can’t do which is the perfect starting point. She ran through our event expectations and how she saw the timings working out, can’t believe all of that was free! We really appreciated her time and as I said at the start can’t recommend her enough to couples who are thinking of a wedding in Italy.
simran kaur virk 150x150 - START HERE
Simran Kaur Virk
Leggi Tutto
Having just started our wedding planning with Svetlana and her team our thoughts from the very start were “this is the planner for us”. The reasons why are as follows: - during the first call it was important to Svetlana to listen to our vision and act on it. Sending and telling us examples and just being very open from the get go, we found other planners to only be obsessed with two things; the fee & keeping everything lock and key until we had signed on the dotted line - Svetlana’s knowledge speaks for itself, we are of Indian origin and want an Italian wedding so why would we hire someone from the UK who won’t be able to bond/ converse with Italian suppliers as well as Svetlana. Italians are rightfully very proud people and it’s important we respect their traditions and with you that would be guaranteed - I have always felt you have responded to all my questions very quickly and felt we bonded the best. Now to the planning!
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Naveeta Kaler
Leggi Tutto
Svetlana was amazing from the get go ! She responded to our request promptly and from there we set up a zoom call within a few days ! After this call I was sold, I was so impressed by her knowledge about our culture and traditions. For my fiancé and myself this was a critical point as we found that having to explain detail by detail would eventually become tiresome . Mom was also thrilled to have someone do all the extra thinking and we feel assured that even Svetlana knows more than us about the props and extra things needed to plan a traditional Indian wedding ! Not having to stress and think about the small details definitely puts us at ease . We are soooo looking forward to start our wedding planning with you in 2021/2022 . We trust you will put your heart and soul into making our wedding truly special ...memorable and a beautiful occasion for our family and friends to unite. Naveeta & Giorgio
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Kiren Kaur
Leggi Tutto
Svetlana was very attentive from the first instance we contacted Best Indian Weddings Italy. We had a Zoom call and discussed potential scenarios, Italian locations and needs for our wedding to be done in Italy. We had asked many other companies for their planning services to have our wedding in Italy but none came close to the service Svetlana discussed with us; mainly being the budget. Her friendly approach and understanding nature allowed us to trust Svetlana and her team to help us plan a potential wedding in Italy, especially considering these uncertain times. We highly recommend 'Best Indian Weddings Italy' for their efficient services to anyone who wants an Italian destination wedding!

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