I’m sorry about your decision and I totally understand. Italy is such a famous country thanks to its unrivaled beauty and a lot of additional factors that make it the most chosen place for destination weddings, and that can also influence the costs. In some other destinations it could be probably easier to stay within some budgets that could be low for Italy, even if also in Italy there are places which are less known and therefore less expensive.

We at Best Indian Weddings Italy require a minimum budget in relation to the number of your guests and the events you are planning to hold because we want to be sure that the venues and suppliers we propose to you are in line with our standards. 

Is there a different solution?

Sometimes, by looking on their own, couples are able to find simpler but more affordable options, and manage to stay within their budget, also because they don’t have to pay a high wedding planner’s fee and can use that money to cover the decor or a food function, for example. 

This option could be too risky if you don’t know how to handle Italian venues and service providers, and you could not only compromise the entire event but also throw your money away. But if instead you had all the necessary information that would help you avoid getting scammed and would bring you on a safe and proven path of planning your own Indian wedding in Italy, then it could be a good solution and a valid alternative to a wedding planner.

Actually, it’s exactly for such situations that we have created a unique digital program for DIY couples called “How To Plan Your Indian Wedding In Italy On Your Own”. It’s the only one existing in the world online course specifically for Indian couples organizing their own wedding in Italy. I heartily recommend you to take a look at this page to find out more about what I’m talking about, and maybe consider it for your wedding.

I hope to see you there!

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With love,

Svetlana Krasnova

Indian Weddings Specialist 

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