How easy is it to choose a wedding venue in Italy?

Where do you start from if you consider to have your Indian wedding in Italy?

When it comes to a destination wedding in Italy, often Indian couples want to know first which venue they can actually consider for their wedding. They want to see concrete proposals to decide if they like them or not. And then based on this they decide whether to confirm with the wedding planner or not. Or even whether to choose Italy or another country for their wedding.

Option 1: Checking a few ready-made presentations to select the venue for your wedding in Italy

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This is often what many Italian wedding planners do. They send a number of ready-made cards or pages of their websites with presentations of venues, based only on the location that the couple have in mind. For example, if a couple wants to get married on Lake Como, then immediately profile cards or links of the villas on the lake arrive with beautiful photos and some details included. Sometimes, it can then perhaps be inferred from those cards that its maximum capacity is 100 people while you have 200 guests. Or that the villa does not have a valid plan B and it’s mandatory to rent a marquis. Either way, you can’t know if it’s available for your date and you’re not given the price right away.

It can happen that a couple falls in love with a certain villa through these profile cards. Then they discover that the cost for one day’s rent is 25k euros while they plan for 3-days celebrations. And in this way, you can be discouraged as you think that having your Indian wedding in Italy is too expensive.

Option 2: Going through pictures of other Indian weddings held in some Italian venues

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Other couples ask for the pictures of weddings already held in some venues. They want to see if it is to their liking, and from there they want to figure out whether to confirm a villa. Of course, that venue could potentially be perfect for that couple. But will it still have the same conditions as when that other wedding in the portfolio was held? Or have things changed drastically and that venue is no longer to be considered? And maybe you have just lost your time by picturing your Indian wedding in that beautiful venue in Italy.

Many different aspects to consider

Often couples do not realize that to choose the right venues for them, it is not enough to know the place where they would like to get married or their budget. There are many other aspects to consider when choosing the right venue. The good thing about Italy is that there is an infinity of venues for weddings. Evey couple will surely be able to find the one that’s right for them. But to make this happen, there is a great job of selecting venues behind it. It’s not just knowing where to look for the villa, also because often couples do not even know where to look … Maybe they have heard about weddings in Tuscany or have seen photos of Lake Como and picture their wedding in these locations, without even having info on these locations and without ever having been there.

If instead you started from the style of the location, from the backdrop that you want for your wedding, then the search could be broadened and the possibilities of finding the ideal venue in Italy would multiply. Because if you want an inland wedding, surrounded by greenery or by vineyards, there is not only Tuscany. There are also many other regions in Italy, such as Umbria, Marche, Lazio, Veneto… It’s just to know where to find this type of landscape.

The wedding date is also important, because if you decide to get married in August there are regions in southern Italy where you risk dying of heat, such as Sicily. But in such a region you can opt for a wedding in November instead, when the temperatures are still mild, while in that same time on Lake Como it is already winter.

Useful tools that can truly help you find your ideal wedding venue in Italy

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Precisely for this reason we have created a virtual mini-tour useful for those couples who do not know Italy well, where we have divided the various regions of Italy by backdrop and season. This is our Location navigator tool that you can download for free at this link>>>

In addition to choosing the backdrop well, there are many other criteria to be evaluated, such as the aforementioned budget, as there are more expensive places and more affordable places. Then you must also consider accommodation, if you want a venue with or without. The style of the villa is also important; how far it must be from a city or airport; the type of cuisine, and so on. And this is why proposing villas without considering all these criteria becomes a waste of time especially for you, as it risks creating false hopes for a venue that may not be suitable for your Indian wedding in Italy.

On the other hand, you can understand that doing this detailed research without being hired as your wedding planner is like going to a dress designer, asking them to create a personalized model of your bridal lehenga and then, after working on it for a while, you tell them that you have changed your mind. A job of this precision really takes a lot of time, and we always tell couples that it takes us at least a month to find a good number of right venues for them. And all the ones we propose are actually suitable for their Indian wedding in Italy and based on their criteria.

The only way to choose the right venue for your wedding in Italy

This service is called Venue Scouting, because we really scout the venues by doing very thorough research. If you want to know more about this service, check this link>>>. On that page you can also listen to the testimonials of other couples who have chosen it.

As you can see, the choice of the right venue in Italy for your Indian destination wedding is not easy at all. If you don’t watch some crucial aspects out and base your research on just beautiful pictures, you can truly compromise your event. If instead you put down the list of aspects and criteria which are important for you and select only those venues that correspond to those criteria, then you can be sure that your Indian wedding in Italy will be a great success. And if you need help with this important part of the planning, then START HERE