Wedding Venues in Italy

For a perfect planning of an Indian wedding, it’s important to start from the wedding venue. Because once you make your choice of the perfect venue where you can picture yourself on your big day, then everything becomes easier. Therefore, a thorough research of the venues is crucial, and it’s important that all the potential options are considered and proposed to you. Unfortunately, doing researches on your own would not only mean the hassle but also the risk of limiting your choice to only those Italian venues that have websites or Instagram pages in English, precluding yourself the possibility of many other wedding venues in Italy.

Unlike classic European weddings, Indian Weddings require large and versatile spaces which can host both pre-wedding and wedding events in different areas. It’s also important that a venue offers a good plan B (actually, two is better) in the event of rain that is never to underestimate. In addition, Indian couples often look for sites with accommodation, to offer the maximum comfort to their guests. Being an Indian wedding structured in several days of celebrations, and not just half day as other weddings, it’s crucial to not fall in the trap of amazing pictures seen online. Instead you must thoroughly evaluate all the characteristics of a specific venue, to make sure it can work for your Indian wedding.

The good news is that Best Indian Weddings Italy is here by your side to scout the perfect Italian venue for you and your wedding. Please watch this video to understand more in detail about our wedding venues’ scouting service, its meaning and its structure. And you will also find out why our service is so different from the other planners and why it can truly help you to find YOUR IDEAL ITALIAN VENUE.

Your service from your team as well as yourself has been amazing! We would have never found these venues alone and do as much research as you have in the small space of time. The unbiased opinions on areas such as telling us about onlookers is very informative as we would have never come across this until the main day and would have not been informed about these issues from the website or venue team themselves. You have tried to offer us as many things as we would like while keeping an eye on budget and our must of having Indian food on the main Hindu wedding day. Many thanks,

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