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anti covid wedding venue guide - Useful tools

Our signature Anti-scam guide

A unique wedding guide that shows you all the necessary steps to take to correctly select wedding venues in Italy perfect for your Indian destination wedding, the criteria to consider and a special method to adopt to avoid getting scammed. All that directly from your home, even without coming to Italy, in total security.


Digital program for DIY couples

Planning an Indian wedding in Italy on your own could seem an hazardous idea, but it isn’t if you do it with the unique method of the only specialist in Indian weddings in Italy. This first and only existing digital course for DIY Indian couples makes sure you can plan your destination wedding in Italy on your own in total security and by saving money. 

location navigator tool - Useful tools

Location navigator tool

There are so many beautiful locations in Italy that you could explore for your Indian destination wedding. However it’s important to match the backdrop you dream of with the date of your wedding, to make sure you choose the right location. And our Location Navigator tool helps you exactly with that.

wedding budget chart - Useful tools

Wedding budget chart

It’s important to keep your wedding budget under control, to make sure you don’t overlook any aspect and don’t risk going over your pre-set budget. Thanks to this easy-to-use tool you get to know what the budget of an Indian wedding in Italy is made up of and keep it organized.

indian food for wedding in italy - Useful tools

Free video about Indian food

Will you be able to have Indian food at your destination wedding in Italy? Many couples take this aspect for granted and then regret it. In this free video I show you the possibilities you have in Italy for wedding food and analyze the options you could consider to make sure you have Indian food provided. Absolutely to listen! 

SOS Indian weddings in Italy - Useful tools

Wedding Planning YouTube series

40 unique videos on our YouTube channel with extremely useful tips and advice about planning an Indian wedding in Italy that you won’t find anywhere else. In every video Svetlana talks a different topic related to a specific area of the wedding planning that you absolutely need to be aware of if you are considering to get married in Italy or have already started with the planning. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned! 


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