Indian Cuisine

We know how important food is in Indian Weddings, and even if you decide to get married in Italy, renowned all over the world for its Mediterranean cuisine, Indian food has to be a must at your destination wedding. Some couples decide to have a fusion of Indian and Italian dishes during the same food function; some others choose Indian cuisine for some events and the Italian one for others. Or it may happen that someone requires full Italian or full Indian dishes for their food functions. The most important thing to know is that whatever your idea of food for your Indian wedding in Italy is, we will know how to help you!

During these years of planning Indian celebrations in Italy, we have had many different experiences. We have gathered our portfolio of reliable catering companies with whom to work for Indian weddings, managed both by Indians and by Italians. Yes, to face the growing demand of Indian weddings, some Italian catering companies have hired Indian chefs to work in their teams.

Obviously, the catering matter counts for the so-called “pure wedding venues”, where you rent the space separately from the catering. But what if the chosen venue already has its exclusive catering company or an on-site restaurant, as it happens in most cases in Italy? Precisely for this reason, we have an excellent Indian Chef in our team. This chef perfectly understands the traditions and is able to create your favorite dishes alongside the team of chefs at the site of the wedding. This way your guests won’t have to give up the tradition of Indian cuisine.

Whether you want Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian cuisine or even Halal food, or request vegetarian or vegan dishes, or you opt for Indian street food, or you ask for more refined dishes served at the table or buffet style – with the specialist of Indian weddings your every desire will be satisfied! Because our team will prepare all the dishes that remind you of home.