How to create your Wedding Business Plan and keep your budget under control?

Do you want to avoid throwing away the money you saved for your Indian wedding in Italy?

Have you ever organized a birthday party, a trip, or renovations? I think that, firstly, you got an idea on how you wanted the result to be, by looking online or specialized magazines. Then you read up about what you needed to realize it and also calculated how much you could spend on the party or the renovation. After that, you went to a specialized shop or contacted some company specialized in that sector to ask for an estimation. And in the end, you chose the one that was closer to the picture you had in mind and that also allowed you to stay within the prearranged budget.

Basically, without being the manager of a big company, you did exactly all those steps necessary to realize any kind of industry project – the business plan. If you look up “business plan” on Wikipedia, this is what you find: A business plan is a formal written document containing business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame within which these goals need to be achieved. Doesn’t it look like our life is full of business plans, both small and big ones?

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The biggest project of your life

And then, it comes your wedding, especially your destination wedding. It’s the biggest project of your life, your teenage dream coming true: getting married to your loved one in the most beautiful country in the world – Italy. So romantic! But now what? You need a very respectable business plan, don’t you think?

Of course, it may seem strange linking a wedding to a business plan. Certainly, you’ll hear someone saying it’s a crazy idea, that a good Indian wedding needs to have good food, good music and that’s it, and that maybe you could do some research online, like you usually do, to understand how much money you’ll need. But that could be the biggest mistake! We are talking about a wedding in a foreign country, where there’s a different currency and any small variable can influence your budget. The prices are different, the couple’s needs are different, the rules are different, and the vendors work in a different way. Maybe you already have in mind an approximate amount of money you would like to spend on your wedding, but is it realistic? How to calculate the budget you need?

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How to calculate the budget you need for your destination wedding in Italy?

That is a key question. And not having a right and solid answer jeopardizes your savings and your parents’ too. Maybe you risk starting to plan you wedding in Italy without having the right budget and, after losing weeks or months looking for vendors and receiving quotes, then you find out you can’t afford it and that you just wasted your time. Or maybe you fall in love with a beautiful Italian Villa, which only has a few dates left available. You rush into signing the contract and give the non-refundable deposit. And then you find out with the exclusive vendors of the Villa, that you can’t afford the set up and/or the number of prewedding events you pictured with just the budget you have left. The risk of planning a destination wedding without relying on the real budget and without knowing what is that budget made up of, on the one hand leads you to build false expectations and waste time in vain, on the other hand leads you to throw the budget off balance, and then have to give up some of the vendors or, even worse, a part of the wedding.

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What does the budget for a wedding in Italy include?

Therefore, I decided to make available a very useful chart with all the items to take into consideration for all the Indian brides approaching destination wedding in Italy. Because calculating the costs of the reception, the priest and the Mandap is not enough. There are many different things to consider, that sometimes don’t even come to mind. Because a wedding is a new and very complex event, that you are planning for the first time. Therefore, it’s absolutely normal not knowing some things. Let alone a destination wedding in Italy, which is completely different from an Indian wedding in the UK. But, finally, with this very easy-to-use chart you will know what the budget for a wedding in Italy includes. And with the different formulas already set up, you will be able to quickly calculate whether you fit into your budget or not. Or even if you have extra money to spend on a more suggestive décor, on a famous DJ or to pay for some of your guests’ accommodation. That’s not all! You can also compare your expenses estimation with the quotes you receive.

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An easy-to-use chart to help you organize your budget

Would you like to have this chart which is so useful that it’ll make your life easier, save precious time and help you organize your budget by keeping all the expenses items at hand? All you need to do is click down below and request this chart by leaving your email. Once you have received it, put down your prearranged budget and start filling in all the different fields. You’ll notice that the pre-set formulas will transform your ideas into numbers, doing the math for you and giving you the long-awaited result: do you fit into the Budget or not? Don’t wait over and don’t torture yourself with impossible calculations – request the chart now and start creating the business plan for your wedding in Italy.