The Mandap is the sacred place of your Indian wedding ceremony, it’s the temple where your sacred union with your future husband will take place. There are different types, different colors and with different floral variations, although in Italy the choice of flowers are not of the Indian variation, and it lends itself to being a more complicated process. This is why we are eager to establish a constant dialogue with you from the start, which will allow us to realistically identify and realize the right Mandap for you; the one you will admire on your wedding day in Italy. 

For Indian ceremonies in Italy we usually use a squared Mandap, 3m x 3m. However there are also different types, smaller or larger, so that we can choose one according to the space we have available. This is important especially when we have to setup the ceremony indoor, as it may happen that the room doesn’t have high ceiling. Until now we haven’t had any requests for a rounded Mandap, but in any case, it is also possible to have one, as we can realize customized wedding Mandap upon request.

All the Mandaps can be personalized. The color of the drapery, of the flowers; the materials and shapes you choose are entirely unique to your vision. These details can be customized according to the chosen color scheme of the wedding, a specific theme and also to the color of your lehenga, if that is what you desire. The Mandaps in Italy are usually realized in metal structures, but we also realized a wooden wedding Mandap, upon the request of a bride. Also, the stage can be low or high, that it’s up to you. In terms of decor, you can choose large floral garlands, decors for the poles of the Mandap, curtains of cascading fresh flowers or crystals and so on.

In the photo gallery below you can see some of the Mandaps we have realized for our Indian couples. As you can notice, we often decorate the aisle too. You can order a carpet for the aisle with or without fresh petals (or just petals without the carpet). You can decide whether to border the isle with long floral garlands or to decorate the chairs with small floral bouquets of the same flowers as the Mandap decor.  Ask and it will be done!