High level Hindu wedding in Tuscany

When I received the request for this Hindu wedding in Tuscany, it was peak season with several forthcoming weddings. However I wasn’t going to say no to them because I already knew the bride’s family very well. As a matter of fact, Dimple’s wedding was the third one I was going to plan for the same family. Having already planned the wedding for two of her cousins, I basically became the Patel family’s wedding planner.

Dimple and Minesh are from UK and they are a perfect match. She is sweet and kind, and she cares for everyone’s needs. On the other hand he is always ready with a quick comeback, with a smile on his face and he is the soul of the party.

With a short time available to plan this Indian wedding in Italy – only 5 months – we had to quickly find the right venue for Dimple and Minesh’s wedding. It was no easy task: 165 guests, 4 days of events, the same venue for the guest’s accommodation and for the events. And above all I also had to find a different setting from the two cousins’ weddings.

Amazing Resort in Tuscany

Eventually, the choice fell on an amazing resort in Tuscany, hidden between the picturesque hills of Lucca. It’s a small village with all the modern comforts needed, perfect venue for a wedding weekend.

For the Hindu ceremony we decorated the panoramic garden of the Villa, where we assembled the candid Mandap, covered in white fabrics and with a white stage. Since the wedding was going to be in October, we chose an autumn color palette for the flowers: burgundy, orange and pink with a lot of green to match with the landscape. Along the white aisle, we put some transparent columns with floral cups on top to match the Mandap decor.

The couple’s attires were a matching set too: pink lehenga for the bride and, for the groom, a white shirvani with embroidery and buttons to revoke the lehenga’s, a pink scarf and a turban. The Baarat was very loud: the groom arrived on a roaring convertible Ferrari, forerun by our amazing Dohl player, in a cloud of colorful smoke.

After the exciting ceremony, in full respect of the Hindu tradition, the dinner reception was set in the venue’s square, between the colorful little houses, with a beautiful view on the surrounding mountains. The Indian vegetarian buffet was prepared by our Indian chef. And she also cooked for the pre-wedding events, making the guests feel like home with the tastes of Indian cuisine.

During those days we received so many compliments. Andthe most important ones were from the couple’s parents, because – you know – Indian weddings are all family affair.

You were an immense help in the lead up to our wedding and throughout the wedding functions. Luckily for me, you had been tried and tested. My first destination wedding was Sheena’s wedding in Sorrento. This was a very close family wedding and this is where I met Svetlana who was the wedding planner. Sheena’s wedding was so beautiful and therefore I knew that when it was my turn to get married I definitely wanted a destination wedding. I also attended Sheena’s sister Janoo’s wedding in Bari which was another magnificent

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