Symbolic white dress ceremony in Tuscany

While it is true that Indian girls, even if born in the UK, grow up watching Bollywood films and dreaming of having a beautiful lehenga for their wedding, it is also true that the charm of donning a white wedding dress is equally appealing. This was the case for our bride Nikita, who wanted to have a double ceremony to celebrate her wedding with Kamal. As a matter of fact, we organized for them a traditional Indian ceremony first, and a symbolic wedding in Italy after. The bride could finally wear her gorgeous white dress and say her vows among the beauty of Italian nature, in a famous villa in Tuscany. The villa, where the wedding celebrations were held, has several different spaces, both indoor and outdoor. For this reason, the couple was able to spend each event, during the three days, in different locations of the villa.

Romantic and elegant atmosphere

For their symbolic wedding in Italy, the spouses chose the private thicket of the villa, situated along the river and shadowed by tall trees. We created rows of white chairs, to follow the trees line pattern. By the entrance, we set up a beautiful wooden chart with notes, where the guests were able to write their best wishes to the newlyweds. And, of course, there was also a basket full of cones personalized with the spouses’ initials and filled with Indian sweets. A beautiful arch of intertwined branches embellished with flowers in a pink color palette was the setting for the ceremony. It was conducted by a professional celebrant, who chose, together with the bride and groom, the ceremony of 5 elements.

To make the atmosphere even more romantic, the ceremony was accompanied by the music of a guitar player, the sweet notes personally chosen by the bride. The bridesmaids wore powder pink dresses and held a rose. While the bride, her hair fixed in a romantic hairstyle, donned a beautiful, lace dress and held a bouquet of pink roses.

The evening ended with a majestic reception in the villa’s so-called “Winter Garden” – a large salon with a glass ceiling walls, all of which were illuminated with afterwards fucsia uplights. Beautiful gold colored candelabras decorated with flowers and crystals adorned the tables, with gold-brimmed plates and glasses to match. And as a gift to the guests the bride and groom prepared small magnets with a photo from the newlywed’s engagement photo shoot which had been previously taken in Florence. The reception night ended in a lot of fun, with everyone dancing with fluorescent sticks, in a changing colors settings thanks to our light decor.