The secret of the perfect wedding photos

Find out more about how to make sure your wedding photos are dreamy

Today I want to talk about the photos of your Indian destination wedding in Italy. I love wedding photos, and I perfectly understand the importance of the great outcome of those photos. It’s what will remain from your wedding day, the most real and tactile memories that you will cherish forever. You will show them to your children and maybe even your grandchildren. And when the memories in your head will vanish, you will look at your wedding pictures and they will immediately come back again, bringing that joyous day to your mind.

It’s quite difficult that a couple doesn’t care about their wedding pictures. However, not all of them approach it in the right way. Every bride-to-be dreams of those pretty photos that get published on wedding blogs and Instagram accounts. But have you ever thought about what is the main ingredient for the perfect wedding photos? I want to unveil that secret to you, and I’m pretty sure that you will be surprised. And before I do that, I’m just curious to know what your idea of this secret ingredient is.


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For many couples the photographer’s skills are the pivotal ones. Going with a great photographer “with a name” is often considered the safest way to get great wedding photos. I have already expressed my opinion about award winners and similar things, you can check that blog post here. But apart from awards, is it truly a photographer that can guarantee you’ll have dreamy pictures? Of course, a good photographer knows when it is the best moment to take pictures, when the light is better and when not, how to make you pose, where to put you to have a better backdrop. They use professional cameras, they can completely change a picture by using Photoshop and so on. Honestly, photographers are the magicians of wedding photos. But they aren’t that secret ingredient I’m talking about.


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It’s so true that getting married in a stunning venue facing the cliffs of the Amalfi coast or one on the shores of Lake Como, or even on those picturesque Tuscan hills covered in cypresses trees and vineyards would be enough for a memorable wedding that everyone will talk about for years to come. But would it be enough for those perfect wedding photos that I’m talking about? Many couples get inspired by gorgeous pictures of amazing Italian venues seen on Instagram and start dreaming of such fabulous backdrops for their destination weddings. They are fascinated by the views, and maybe decide to invest a large part of their budget in one of these famous venues because they are convinced that such a venue would be enough to make sure they have fabulous wedding photos. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not enough.


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Oftentimes people don’t see that the magical ingredient, the real secret to perfect wedding photos lies in… the planning and the perfect organization of a wedding. But how’s that… What about the photographer or the venue? You may even have the best photographer and the most beautiful venue in the world, but if the schedule for the whole day is not perfectly organized, then you’ll never get perfect photos. Surprised? You surely are. This aspect hardly comes to mind of the brides and grooms-to-be when they talk about the perfect wedding photos. And I want to show you some situations that you risk running into if you don’t have everything perfectly planned and organized.

  • – With so many aspects to take into consideration, there will surely be something you forget and that will pop up last minute
  • – You haven’t realized how much time you need to get ready
  • – There are some setbacks with your vendors that you have to sort out last minute
  • – Your guests arrive late and consequently you end up wasting more time
  • – Your makeup artist takes too long and by the time you’re ready, the light is gone and you’ll end up having the photos taken in the dark and with the flash on, and goodbye beautiful backdrop

Do you think these are enough examples? I could easily go on with the list!


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The planning of such a complex event as an Indian destination wedding requires a thorough scheduling with the right timing for each moment, attentively calculated and foreseen. All that also based on previous experiences that a specialized planner has accumulated during years of organizing Indian weddings in Italy. Every small thing needs to be taken into consideration, no detail must be overlooked, if you truly care about the perfect outcome of your wedding photos. And only by having an experienced wedding planner by your side, who makes sure that everything runs on schedule and that everyone does their job on time, you can achieve that!

Because only this way you will have the right time allocated to your wedding pictures and you won’t miss it. You will feel relaxed and not worried, and thanks to your beautiful smile and your extended face you will definitely look amazing in your photos. And even if your venue is not so exclusive and renowned, there will surely be beautiful spots with the right lights and the perfect moment to take photos if everything is thoroughly planned; as well as a good photographer, even if not in the world’s best top10, will be able to shoot amazing pictures!