As you may have noticed, we are romantics and are passionate about creating an idyllic atmosphere for you and your future husband. We want to infuse intimacy and charm with the place and time of your Indian wedding in Italy. Over the course of your celebration, there are several events, and, with that, meals are prepared where your guests are offered the time to sit and enjoy. Our response: adorn the tables with centerpieces! It is so much more elegant to embellish them with flowers, colored vases or small lanterns. Even the subtlest touch will completely change the atmosphere. We will do everything to bring your aesthetics and ideas into tangible reality.  

Clearly, the high point of the Indian celebration, after the ceremony, is the reception – the final culminating event of your wedding in Italy. Imagine the moment, sitting next to your husband, surrounded by your friends and family; delicate floral centerpieces grace the tables, warm candelabras illuminate, and fresh florals liven the spaces around you. If you choose the long imperial table, we would suggest a long garland to put in the middle of the table, going down on the two sides. We often create garlands with different shades of green that we decorate with flowers in the color palette chosen. As for rounded tables, we suggest tall structures with a narrow base, that we decorate with elegant flower arrangements. We can also put it on mirror-glass disks, together with tealights, to magnify the effect.

Let’s not forget about the top table, which has to be more important than the other things. Here we can put a cascade of flowers falling forward. We can put cylinders with candles on the floor, in front of the table, to embellish it. On the sides of the top table we can put columns with flower arrangements. And it is also possible to hang small or big floral chandeliers for a wow effect. And let’s not forget about the candles too: big ones and small ones, which make everything even more magical. Perfect harmony aglow, a symphony of colors and perfumes veil the enchanting evening of your Indian wedding reception in Italy.