Light decor

The warm evening falls soft and inviting on your glorious wedding day in Italy. The sky lights up with stars, but how to illuminate the indoor and outdoor spaces to create a magical atmosphere without cliché lighting? The possibilities are endless with our light decor for a memorable show of your Indian wedding in Italy. Just imagine original and evocative light designs mixed with soft candlelight, for a wow-effect. For example, we suggest accentuating the architecture of the venue with elegant uplights. And that works for both inside and outside. Wedding venues in Italy often have “normal” lights, which function is simply to illuminate the room. While it can be beautiful with daily light, it sometimes loses its appeal with electrical lighting. This is where colorful uplights make the difference, as you can see in this video. You can choose the color you like, and we can also change it during the reception. This is particularly appreciated during the disco party, when the walls change colors and make everyone happy.

Another option is to recreate “the starry sky” with strings of lights. Imagine your reception outdoors, with a gorgeous panoramic view. And then, above you, like in a fairy tale, small lights alternating with the stars. Isn’t it just romantic? We can create real light tunnels for the imperial tables, and also intertwined strings zigzagging through the round tables. Sometimes you just need to put these strands of lights above the dancing floor and the fairy-tale effect is ensured.

And what about making a triumphal entry into the room accompanied by illuminated fountains or lighting them up during the cut of the cake? (You can see the live effect of the fountains at a real wedding here). Also the grand finale of your reception, ending with fireworks that illuminate the night in all directions – just like in movies. And in those places where fireworks are not allowed, we can release LED balloons into the sky, and it will be just as magical.

We at Best Indian Weddings Italy rely on professional light designers who will amaze you and your guests with innovative lighting designs and effects to make your Indian wedding in Italy memorable.