What does the Indian Weddings Specialist do the day before the wedding?

Or what do you expect your Wedding Planner does the day before your Indian wedding?

For many, the answer would be obvious: they get ready for the wedding with their to-do list, check the supplier list, pack any items to bring, coordinate the collaborators… So in a nutshell they stay in the office and do a preventive work of preparation for the event. To tell the truth, the answer to this question is not so obvious. There are many wedding planners in Italy who do exactly this. There are many others who, on the other hand, the day before your wedding have another wedding and are quite focused on that. Maybe during the breaks they check the agenda and just think about what is needed the next day for your event. The important thing, as Scarlett O’hara said, “tomorrow is another day”, and it actually is so for many planners. Tomorrow is another day, another wedding, and they organize their selves accordingly. There are those who do a lot of weddings and maybe barely have the time to sleep between weddings, to make sure they get ready for the next one.

But instead with the Best Indian Weddings Italy team, where do I place myself? Among those who do long sessions in the office the day before to make preparations or those who are at other weddings and wait for the breaks to organize themselves for the next day? Honestly in neither category.

So, what do I actually do?

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The day before the wedding I am already at the place of the event, I am already with you. With everything thoroughly organized days before. All the planning has been done and double checked at least a week before, the things to bring have been arranged in advance and loaded in the car at least 2-3 days before, and the day before your first event I am already on my way to get there.

Why do I need to arrive so early when your first event is the next day? For me the day before is the day when everything is checked. I make appointments both with the location managers and with the couples themselves, to go together through all the spaces again and ensure that we are all on the same page. I am now famous for our long full pages itineraries. And I not only distribute them to my team, but they are also sent to the newlyweds, location managers and suppliers. The couples are given a copy so that they have everything in one place. Everything we discussed during the year of planning, every service they confirmed and all the changes made, are all listed in this itinerary, with schedules and agreements. The same goes for location managers who are used to working in a completely different way with other wedding planners. Others are more focused on the setups and this is not something that involves the location managers. Usually they only know the arrival times, the established menu, if there is the ceremony on the spot and if there are any extras provided.

A thorough timeline to make sure everything goes as planned

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In my case, with these long itineraries that I send and which retrace all the events in the different days with precise timing, the location managers are able to organize their work following my team. The Indian wedding is a very complex event, with different rituals and different needs. It is extremely important that those who manage the venue know exactly what happens and when, and if there is a need for the support of the local team. Because often there is a need! Perhaps in moving a gazebo or putting chairs in a specific point or adding a drink corner, or setting the tables in a certain way… There are many moments that if not shared with the location manager, risk compromising the entire event.

Working on a wedding is like playing in a large orchestra where every instrument is important. But if there is no conductor there is a risk of disaster instead of a well-performed concert. And that’s exactly what I as your wedding planner do on the spot the day before your Indian celebrations start. I spend from 3 to 5h, depending on the complexity of the event, with the couple and location manager to review the whole event plan. And obviously we don’t sit in the office to do it, but wandering around the various spaces of the venue discussing things on the spot, because doubts can arise at the moment of the viewing.

Your Indian wedding in Italy is a precious event for your planner

This is what couples who rely on Best Indian Weddings Italy can count on: that their event is handled with extreme care and maximum attention, to be sure that everything that has been discussed and established will be realized ensuring the success of their dream wedding in Italy.

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