Destination wedding in Italy: How safe is travelling to Italy going to be

The whole world has been on lockdown for several weeks now. And you are probably working from home too, since your office has taken those measures imposed by the government that oblige all citizens to limit movements and, consequently, limit the spread of the virus. Every day we hear the news on TV talking about the curve flattening which should mean that we are close to getting out of this situation. But at the same time they talk about all those assumptions made by several people and scientists that confuse us more.

What is going to happen with your destination wedding in Italy?

You were probably planning your Indian wedding in Italy and you had to postpone it. And now you’re seeing the number of your guests dropping because not everyone feels that it’s safe to travel so soon or maybe they just can’t make it because of previously arranged commitments. Or maybe, you were taking the first steps in planning your wedding, by gathering information, choosing the right Villa or the professional wedding planner to follow you in your amazing adventure in the most beautiful country of the world. And now you are stuck, because you don’t want to give up the idea of getting married in Italy, but you don’t know if that will be possible any time soon and you don’t want to wait too long to get married. Or maybe you just said “yes” to your hero, who made a romantic proposal just before all this chaos took over. You were both daydreaming about how beautiful and unforgettable it would be to have a destination wedding with your dearest friends and family, and maybe have it in Italy – the most beautiful, romantic and demanded country in the world for weddings. And now you feel like you have to give up your dream about a destination wedding in Italy.

indian destination wedding in italy - Destination wedding in Italy: How safe is travelling to Italy going to be

What to do now? Do you need to give up this idea and fall back on the usual wedding at home, seen over and over, with 600 people of whom you don’t even know half of them? Do you have to postpone your wedding to next year or even 2022, as someone says, because without a vaccine it won’t be possible to travel abroad? But above all, what is happening in Italy, the second country to be hit after China? Will it be safe to travel to Italy any time soon for your destination wedding? Let’s have a look at the current situation.

Italy is restarting now!

Italy entered the lockdown almost two months ago, we basically started the quarantine at the very beginning. Luckily, our government didn’t stay put, trying to evaluate all the possible scenarios, talking about herd immunity or, even worse, considering it a simple flu. In less than two weeks from the first case, the total shut down of the country was declared. STOP! Everything and everyone just stopped. Surprised and sceptic at first, but then grateful for “forcing us” to stay at home. Because that’s what saved us, in a literal way (because it prevented us from getting infected), but also in a broader sense, because this forced lockdown allows us to reopen now in total safety. Yes, because Italy is going out of the full lockdown in a few days, the 4th of May. Italy will restart. Even if with a lot of restrictions and a lot of precautions to take, but still it will slowly restart. And this relieves us and gives us the hope to restart soon with foreign clients’ private events: with the couples and their guests.

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2/3 of the country is clear of the virus

But will it safe for them to travel to Italy or there will still be risks for their health? It may seem strange to some, but especially with the ongoing virus situation, Italy is being considered throughout the whole world as an example to follow, with our very efficient health systems. Compared to other countries, here the priority was given to the health of the citizens, and not to the economy of the country or to the small and big businesses. This lockdown allowed to safeguard many parts of Italy with small numbers of infected. And those will be the first ones to restart with the events. Italy is wide, it would take more than 24h to drive through it from north to south. And it was thanks to its wide extension and the fast decision of the Italian government to block any movement throughout the country, that 2/3 of the country was kept out in the clear of coronavirus.

Moreover, being on the frontline of the fight against this virus, and also thanks to the help of Chinese doctors who fought and defeated the virus first, Italy was able to get a large number of ventilators, build wards and new facilities exclusively used for coronavirus patients, and it developed a huge know-how in this field that not many countries in the world have. For the first time in the whole world Italian scientists isolated the coronavirus. They gave the scientific world the chance to study it and create a vaccine that we all hope will arrive soon. Another important thing to take into consideration is that unlike some other countries, if people get ill, here they get treatments in the hospital FOR FREE and are not left to die. And this concerns not only Italian citizens but everyone who are or will be in Italy.

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The safety of the person in Italy comes first!

If anything happens to the health of a PERSON (no matter the nationality), they will have access to all the cures made available for free from the Italian state government. Would it be the same if you were to get married in the USA or in Mexico? Unfortunately, not. In Italy, people come before money, and this human side has always discerned Italy from other countries. It’s a very important thing to consider, because Italy is and will probably be one of the safest countries to travel to. Only here you can be sure that if anything happens, you will get the treatments needed through the Italian public health system, which is considered worldwide as very efficient.

So, is it safe enough to travel to Italy on holiday or for a wedding? I would definitely say so! We only need to wait for the borders to open and for private events to be allowed again. And apparently, we won’t need to wait long. But the most important thing is that the country will restart in full safety for you and your guests, whom will be able to live an unforgettable wedding that needs to be celebrated in style with you! Your destination wedding in Italy!

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If you have any questions, doubts, or explanations don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m available for all the Indian couples who wish to have their wedding in Italy, whether planned by me, or by a colleague, or even personally by you. Because to me, safety comes first.

With best regards
Svetlana Krasnova
Indian Wedding Specialist