What to watch out for when choosing your wedding planner in Italy

How to choose the right wedding planner for you?

If you are getting married and have decided to have your Indian wedding in the most beautiful country in the world, where do you start? How do you approach getting married in Italy?

I would be lying if I told you that the success of your wedding does not depend on the person to whom you entrust to organize your celebrations – your wedding planner. The wedding planner is the person who listens to you, understands your needs, offers you the choice of the venues best suited to your requests and needs, brings together the best team of professional service providers, and carefully assembles all the pieces of the great and ambitious project that is your Indian wedding in Italy, making sure that not even the smallest detail is left to chance.

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That sounds easy – it shouldn’t be that hard finding a wedding planner who checks all the boxes! The web is full of agencies who offer their services. Some of them also have some photos of an Indian wedding they planned – there surely be someone capable and well informed, you may think. Well, unfortunately it’s not that easy as it looks.

When there’s a trend, there’s always someone exploiting that

Lately, Indian weddings are becoming a real trend in Italy, thanks also to the Bollywood celebrities who got married here, and to the Bollywood movies where they talk about Italy and how romantic it is to get married here. And when there’s a trend, there’s always people trying to exploit that. And here come some wedding planners posting pictures of the same one Indian wedding they planned. Pictures taken from different perspectives to make it look like they planned more than one. Some others even use hashtags like #indianweddingitaly on pictures that have nothing to do with Indian weddings just to appear in your research. All of this hoping that an Indian bride like you can find their Instagram profile, like their style and then contact and hire them for your Indian wedding in Italy. That’s a shame because they don’t even realize that what you need is not the style of a wedding planner instead of another one, but the ability to plan of multiple days of events with specific rituals and specific timing, in a thorough and smooth way for the guests.

How to find a clear way in the jungle of wedding planners

So how can you find a clear way in this jungle of offers you find online? You can’t surely contact them all! It would be exhausting, and you’d risk accomplishing nothing! I suggest checking the website of an agency you may have found on Instagram first. You can see if there are any Indian weddings they have posted, how many and how long ago. Sometimes it happens that they promote white dress ceremonies of Indian or fusion couples as Indian weddings in Italy, where the wedding planner didn’t really do anything different from a regular European wedding they usually plan. And surely, they didn’t even have to worry about Indian food, or setting up a Mandap ceremony, or planning several pre-wedding events which are so important for authentic Indian wedding celebrations.

Moreover, I suggest reading the reviews by Indian couples, to understand what they needed to be organized and how that planner helped them accomplish that. It wouldn’t be helpful to read reviews by non-Indian couples, as their needs are far away from the ones of an Indian couple.

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After you selected the planners you think are fine, send them an initial generic request and see what’s their reply. Rest assured that many of them will affirm they are specialists of Indian weddings. But what will they ask you about? Will they ask about your religion, or the events you want to plan, or what’s your preference when it comes to food? Or maybe, they won’t even ask any of these questions, but just what’s the number of your guests and your budget. Or they will start sending you links of venues right away, without even understanding your needs and if those venues are suitable for the type of wedding you have in mind.

A video call to clear the situation

After you have made a first selection of the wedding planners, set a video call. I know, it might sound obvious, but it’s true that a “face to face” appointment with your potential wedding planner in Italy is always necessary. And not to know if you like them or not, but to see how experienced and prepared they are regarding planning Indian weddings. It’s actually the first appointment that allows you to understand if the person you have in front is a specialist of Indian weddings or not. How can you do that? Start talking about the events and rituals you need to plan, and if you bring up the Milni or Haldi and see that they don’t know what you’re talking about, how can they call themselves true specialists of Indian weddings? In that case, you most likely have in front of you a generic wedding planner who organizes wedding for everyone, of all the nationalities. They could even be good planners in general, but planning an Indian wedding is not for everyone.

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Sure, you could explain in detail about all the traditions – and it could take weeks! But how could you be certain that everything will go smoothly and in the right order during your wedding celebrations? Consider your and your fiancé’s parents helping to finance the wedding, the relatives who will be there and how critical they would be about anything… I think you will want to evaluate carefully the person with whom to entrust the execution of such an important moment. And if you choose a generic wedding planner, how could you be sure to have made the right choice?

Specialist in planning Indian weddings in Italy to guarantee the success of your wedding

If instead you rely on the specialist in planning Indian weddings, not only will you not need to explain anything about Indian weddings, thus saving precious time and avoiding sleepless nights, but you will also be suggested only venues which are suitable to host Indian weddings, with a team of expert and quality service providers specialized in Indian weddings, and authentic Indian food and decor which is otherwise almost impossible to find in Italy.

You won’t be offered cookie cutter, generic proposals which are fit for European weddings, but rather personalized, researched proposals which are specific for Indian weddings and your personal, specific needs and desires, thus saving you a great deal of money. Perhaps the wedding planner fee might seem high at first, but if you consider that she will help you save on the total cost of the wedding while guaranteeing that all the traditional elements of an authentic Indian wedding are respected for the perfect outcome of your dream Indian wedding in Italy, then you will certainly agree that it’s worth it!

If you too need the assistance of a true specialist of Indian weddings, then you can ask for a free consultation. This way we can discover together if and how I can truly help you plan your Indian wedding in Italy in the best possible way and without any unwanted surprises!


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