Henna artists for Mehndi in Italy

Henna art is a must in an Indian wedding, and the Mehndi event is often part of the pre-wedding ceremonies of an Indian destination wedding in Italy. Unless the bride has a henna allergy, this event is essential! We at Best Indian Weddings Italy always pay close attention to this ritual, discussing, together with the bride, the possible patterns of her bridal henna. For example, sometimes brides require the drawing of the couple’s initials or even the couple’s silhouette. Sometimes it’s Lord Ganesh to be drawn. Sometimes it’s the name of the groom hidden inside the different designs, which the groom has to find. In any case, these are always intricate and complex designs that often cover most part of the arms and legs of the bride.

Thanks to our connections in Italy, we are able to get Henna ladies everywhere in our country. And we obviously guarantee a very high quality service to our Indian brides for their bridal henna. The bridal henna often takes place before the Mehndi event, because it takes several hours to realize some of the intricate designs chosen by the brides. It can even be held in a different day and done more privately in the bride’s room. And then, upon the guests’ arrival, the bride’s henna is already done, so the henna artists are ready to paint beautiful patterns on the hands of the guests. And we know that it’s a sign of good omen and the memory of a great Indian wedding in Italy.

We usually decorate the space with our original decor, to recreate the lively and colorful atmosphere typical of this traditional Indian pre-wedding event. One of the benefits of working with a specialist of Indian weddings in Italy is that unlike other agencies or florists we have our own Indian decor. You can take a closer look here.