Pre-wedding functions

We know very well that your Indian wedding is always preceded by important pre-wedding functions, such as the Mehndi (and we have excellent henna artists for your Mehndi in Italy), Sangeet, and Haldi or Maiyan, just to name a few. And we here at Best Indian Weddings Italy will organize them with the same care as your wedding, following the precious advice of a dear ally: experience. In fact, we are very familiar with the Indian culture, so we want to make sure that the decor is rich with colors and Indian culture. So, for example, we use lively marigolds garlands, bright, authentic Indian umbrellas, hanging paper spheres, cushions of various colors, and more! Actually, one of the benefits of working with a specialist of Indian weddings in Italy is that, unlike other agencies or florists, we have our own Indian decor to decorate Indian pre-wedding functions in Italy.  Some of this decor has been brought directly from India, while other parts have been hand made by our team members. Also, upon request, we are able to create personalized decor specifically for you, for example fans or charts and other kinds of decor. 

For us, all of the pre-wedding events deserve to have a festive atmosphere, in line with tradition. We specialize in both indoor and outdoor Indian wedding decor to be able to satisfy each of your need and desire, as well as to be prepared with a plan B in the event of adverse weather. For your Mehndi and Sangeet we have several cushions both colorful and in pastel colors, according to the color scheme of your events. We also have colorful drapery which allows us to create amazing backdrops for you and your husband-to-be. And of course, several types of garlands, from original yellow and orange marigold garlands for Pooja, to decorative ones for Mehndi and Sangeet, to adorn the space and make you and your guests feel as it should be for a traditional Indian wedding!