Here’s why I don’t plan all the Indian wedding requests I receive!

Dear bride or groom-to-be, if you are looking for a wedding planner to organize your Indian wedding in Italy, I might not be the one to do so! Please, don’t think I’m crazy or arrogant – I simply want to transmit my personal vision of an Indian wedding in Italy. Let me explain, as it is a vision that I believe in and it’s important to understand if it corresponds with your vision for your  wedding…

After a long and sometimes arduous journey, I became a specialist in organizing Indian weddings in Italy. And along this journey – in which I never cease to learn – I have come across countless characters, obstacles, landscapes, adventures, and, naturally, brides and grooms-to-be. It is this last group which has allowed me to refine my skills and to understand what is important to be able to guarantee them for their big day in the most romantic country in the world.  

And after careful reflection, I understood that I couldn’t, nor did I want to, plan every kind of wedding. I can understand if this comes as a surprise, as this probably seems like it goes against my own interest as a wedding planner. But I can assure you that I pondered this decision thoroughly, and I made it because I wanted to be able to plan Indian weddings for the rest of my career.  

That is why I decided to share this with you, dear bride-to-be, as I’m sure you have been dreaming of getting married in Italy for a long time.  

4 - Here's why I don't plan all the Indian wedding requests I receive!

1. Quality, not quantity

First of all, I don’t accept all clients’ requests because if I did, the quality of planning Indian weddings in Italy would greatly suffer.  

As you can probably imagine, to project and organize such a large event as an Indian wedding in a foreign country requires a lot of time, energy, and economic resources long before the actual event. And a wedding planner mustn’t get trapped by planning as many weddings per year as she can just to earn as much money as possible or simply to enrich her portfolio.

quality over quantity - Here's why I don't plan all the Indian wedding requests I receive!

2. What do you expect from your wedding?

Secondly, I don’t plan all wedding requests because I need to understand what it is that YOU want for your wedding, and how I can truly be of help.

In fact, every couple has different needs and desires for their wedding. For a professional wedding planner who truly has the satisfaction of her clients close at heart, it is extremely important to understand the specific details of what they envision for their big day.

There are many things to keep in mind with planning, such as the choice of the LOCATION in Italy, the VENUE, the DECOR, and the ENTERTAINMENT. And while it is certainly important to have clear ideas about these elements to avoid unpleasant surprises in a day that you only live once in a lifetime, but I must also remind you that all these aspects are linked to a fundamental component: the BUDGET

hindu wedding italy prvate photos - Here's why I don't plan all the Indian wedding requests I receive!

Although it is not the only important thing, the budget greatly influences the feasibility of one type of wedding rather than another. That’s why it is necessary to understand the available budget before starting to project your wedding with a wedding planner.  

Because even if an experienced wedding planner can find intelligent solutions to be able to reach quality results, in the world of Indian weddings miracles do not exist, and everything a couple dreams of has its cost which needs to be taken into account!  

3. Accept my service providers

And lastly, my dear bride-to-be, I have decided only to accept couples who agree to this condition: that I plan weddings using only my service providers.

It was a decision that I had to make after some undergoing some unpleasant incidents. And since the journey of a wedding planner is long and arduous, as was said at the beginning of this article, then one must learn to adapt and implement changes for the good of the spouses as well as for the good of the wedding planner.

Of course, exceptions can at times be made. For example, if it means a lot to you that your friend is the DJ for your big day, how could I possible negate that! But generally, accepting and respecting this condition is vital for me because, unlike many others, I specialize in planning Indian weddings in Italy, and experience has taught me that, in order to maintain QUALITY service, it is important to provide rules which, while not rigid, are intelligent.  


As you can see, there is a microcosm of different needs for Indian weddings. What needs do you have? You can tell me all about, and we can discover together if I can truly help you plan your Indian wedding in Italy in the best possible way and without any unwanted surprises!


wedding planner italy paestum 1 - Here's why I don't plan all the Indian wedding requests I receive!