Hindu and Sikh priests

An Indian wedding is a religious wedding, which has to be celebrated by a priest of the same religion of the spouses. Whether Sikh or Hindu, we have the right contacts to celebrate your sacred union.

Of course, for Hindu couples, the priest background is important too, as many Hindu couples living in the UK are mostly Gujarati. We have the opportunity to provide you a Gujarati Pandit who lives half of the year in Italy, besides our entrusted Gujarati Pandits coming from the UK. For the Punjabi couples we can also provide a Punjabi Pandit living in Italy. And if you are a Tamil or Jain couple, don’t worry, we will be able to help you as well. Our Pandits have all the equipment necessary for the Mandap ceremony, as well as the pre-wedding ceremonies like Ganesh Puja, Pithi or Mandvo. These Pandits can also speak English, so that even the non-Indian guests will be able to follow the ceremony.

For the Sikh couples we provide the unique opportunity to celebrate the Anand Karaj outdoors, in a beautiful Villa of your choice, without having to go to the Gurdwara. As you know, only few Gurdwaras may agree to bring the Guru Granth Sahib outside the temple, and we are the only ones in Italy to have a special agreement to be able to do that. Our couples know that, in fact you can listen to this couple explaining the difficulty of such task. But with the help from the specialist of Indian weddings in Italy, you won’t have these problems. Moreover, the Gianis will also bring the Parshad, so that all the main components of a Gurdwara wedding are respected. As well as the musicians playing and singing the Kirtan (traditional devotional music).

And for the Muslim couples we can plan the ceremony at the Mosque, in full respect of the Muslim rules.