Traditional music

Music is an important part in every moment of an Indian wedding, and traditional music played during the ceremony can add that more sacred touch, that recorded music can’t provide. As a matter of fact, for Hindu weddings we avail ourselves of professional Tabla and Sitar’s musicians. With their extraordinary music they can please even the most demanding people. And if your parents or grandparents can’t imagine your wedding without Tabla or Sitar played live, then we can surely help you! Not only – with their vast repertoire, our musicians can also accompany the lunch following the ceremony, making you live an atmosphere of “one thousand and one night”. 

For Sikh weddings, we can provide Kirtan players, that performe religious hymns during your Anand Karaj in Italy; a whole group of raagi musicians that will play and sing the Kirtan Shabad with the Giani. As a matter of fact, the Sikh ceremony is sung, and the traditional musicians are an essential part of an authentic Anand Karaj. Our Sikh players always come in trio with the fourth priest singing hymns with them, to recreate the holy atmosphere of a Gurdwara wedding. All of your guests will surely appreciate that.

Don’t overlook this aspect, make sure there will be authentic traditional music at your Indian wedding in Italy!