How to choose the best wedding locations in Italy?

Find out why the question “WHERE?” is not to be taken for granted in Italy

When you approach a destination wedding in Italy it could be quite difficult to choose the best place where to get married. Maybe you haven’t even been to Italy before, but you have seen so many beautiful pictures that made you dream about it? Bollywood stars get married in Italy too, so there must be a reason why it’s considered the most beautiful and romantic place in the world.

Or maybe you have already been to Italy in the past, you have visited some touristic places and you have fallen in love with our country, its warm weather and its many beautiful places, history and landscapes, that you have decided that Italy will surely be the place for your Indian wedding? And now, that this time has come, you feel confused because when you ask for a quote, they ask you “WHERE” in Italy you would like to get married. And you probably don’t know how to answer this question.

So many beautiful options to choose from

Yes, it isn’t easy at all, either if you have already travelled through Italy, or, mainly, if you have never visited Italy before. Italy is a big and vast country, bathed by 4 seas, with mountains up North and almost African-like landscapes down South. Vineyards and cypresses, small and big lakes, historical villas and medieval castles, famous cities and small perched villages, extensive beaches and overhanging cliffs. How could you choose among all these different options?

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Maybe when looking at Instagram, you see that there have been a lot of Indian weddings in Tuscany. You like those photos and then you decide that Tuscany will be the location for your wedding. Or perhaps you look at Deepika&Ranveer’s wedding photos on Lake Como and you decide to ask for a quote for that place. But will it be the right place for you?

The risk of choosing the place for your wedding blindly

If you choose the locations of your Indian wedding in Italy blindly, you risk going with a place which isn’t suitable to host an Indian wedding, or not suitable to host the kind of wedding you have pictured for you. Often people just look at beautiful photos online and base their choice on that, but it’s not enough! If you don’t know in which part of Italy that place is, what kind of facilities it offers, what logistics are involved, how could you be sure to guarantee the comfort of your guests? Because an Indian wedding doesn’t just involve two people. It often involves one-two hundred people coming from different parts of the world, and you have to think about them.

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Also, making your choice by looking at someone else’s wedding may seem like a safe choice (if they’ve done it, then it sure is a suitable place), but that means that you’re going to copy for the umpteenth the same wedding, already seen over and over, preventing yourself from choosing among an infinity of different wedding locations in Italy, as much beautiful and functional.

Are you afraid to risk? Of course, it’s completely understandable, it’s the most important event of your life and you want to choose the perfect place for you. And if you entrust yourself to the specialist in Indian weddings in Italy, we will scout the best Italian locations for your wedding thanks to our special method (click HERE to find out more).

Many couples who contact us have very confused ideas about the place in Italy to choose for their wedding. And they surely have no idea about the infinity of choices that Italy offers. That’s absolutely normal! Foreigners usually see Italy as something abstract, a unified place, and the question “WHERE” in Italy they would like to get married sounds really weird for many people. Because they want to get married in Italy. That’s it.

An infinity of locations available for you

Therefore, I decided to help you choose the right location for your Indian wedding in Italy, by making a useful tool available for you – the Location Navigator. You will get to know what kind of landscapes you can find in different parts of Italy and what is the best season for those locations.This tool allows you to find out the infinity of places that you may take into consideration as your destination. So that you can finally find out that Italy is not just Tuscany or lake Como, but it’s full of many different places which are less known by Indian couples.

Would you like to check them all out? Then click down below and request your free Location Navigator tool. The Bel Paese is just a click away, don’t miss this precious opportunity!