Three key factors to not have the same wedding you would have at home

During your life, you may run into unique opportunities, big dreams and significative events that are destined to change your life forever, like celebrating your Indian wedding in Italy. As an Indian weddings specialist, I know well how much traditions are important in an Indian wedding. Traditions are the connection with your culture that you don’t want to leave behind when getting married in Italy, a country with a different culture, yet full of history, art and traditions.

It happens quite often that I receive requests from Indian couples who would like to have the same type of wedding they would have at home. I mean lavish Bollywood style, full Indian food, hundreds and hundreds of guests, hard Indian décor, and so on. And while it is true that we, at Best Indian Weddings Italy, are all about traditions, we have our trusted Indian chef and we even use our own Indian décor for the pre-wedding functions, if you decide to choose Italy as a destination for your Indian wedding there must be a reason!

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A destination wedding in Italy as an experience to live

When you think of a destination wedding in Italy, you are already taking advantage of what this country has to offer: breathtaking landscapes, amazing food, mild weather, tasty wine and open-hearted people. Therefore, if you choose to tie the knot in the most romantic country in the world, there’s no point in thinking that you’re going to have a wedding just like the one you would have at home. And that’s mostly why you should choose a destination wedding in Italy. Because you would have a unique, exclusive and unrivalled wedding, nothing compared to what your sisters or cousins had back home! I’m sure you don’t want a wedding that is the spitting image of hundreds of other weddings, am I right? Because a destination wedding is so much more than a regular wedding. It’s a romantic getaway, it’s also a holiday, it could be a honeymoon, it’s the chance to spend quality time with your loved one and your closest family and friends, in a place that will forever cherish in your heart, and especially it’s an EXPERIENCE to live.

Let’s take a closer look together at the main differences between an Indian wedding in the UK and a destination wedding in Italy.

1. Natural backdrop for the ceremony and food functions

First of all, you would have so many different choices for backdrops: sea, lakes, mountains, green hills, vineyards, you name it! Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world to get married. And I bet that many Bollywood and international celebrities would agree with us since they chose to tie the knot here! No more indoor venues that all look the same and need a ton of decorations and big efforts to set them up for a wedding: lots of spectacular lights, lots of flowers (even fake ones sometimes), personalized dancefloors, to make the venue welcoming. Not to mention the rent of tables, chairs and equipment for the banquet. Too much money!! It is true that food in the UK costs less than in Italy, but with all these setups there’s no saving! Think instead about having your wedding reception or a pre-wedding dinner outdoors, under the starry sky, with an amazing backdrop of Italian landscapes, with the fresh breeze of nature. Can you already picture yourself in this dreamy scenario? It’s pure magic!

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It is also true that even in Italy there are many venues that offer indoor halls for the reception. But they always have outdoor spaces you can also opt for if you prefer! These indoor halls often have big glass windows that allow you to enjoy a panoramic view from inside. They can also be opened to create the same effect you would have outdoors. And they are certainly a great plan B option in case of bad weather or hot day.

Let’s talk about the ceremony… in the UK you most likely would have it indoors too, in a hall or at the temple. Fake lights, low ceilings, air conditioning… while in Italy you have the chance to choose the landscape, the backdrop you want; you can have your Mandap ceremony outdoors, not only a Hindu ceremony but a Sikh one too, all thanks to the Indian weddings specialist! Your ceremony will be framed by a breathtaking backdrop, whether it’s the sea, the lake, the greenery of a beautiful garden or pure nature. The best thing is that every region of Italy offers landscapes of such big impact, that your guests will hardly forget!

2. Various food options

The second key factor is food. Indian food is obviously an important part of your wedding, and its spicy aromas have a strong connection with your culture. But having your destination wedding in Italy is a chance for you to enrich your menu with the amazing local cuisine. Your guests will come a long way to see you and attend your wedding. Most of them won’t have time to go around Italy to discover the tasty foods and the infinite choices that this renowned cuisine can offer. So why not give them the opportunity to live such an experience for all the senses, allowing them to try high quality dishes that in other countries are just mere duplicates?

This is why I suggest choosing a fusion menu with both Indian and Italian cuisines, which is always an appreciated choice. This way you will respect your tradition and at the same time you will enrich your guests’ experience at your destination wedding. And let’s face it, who would say no to a delicious Pizza Margherita, or Pasta all’Arrabbiata, or all those amazing appetizers that will bring your wedding to a higher level rather than the one you would have back home? What about gelato? You know that for many weddings we hired an ice-cream truck, that added that extra touch of Italy and that was a real success?

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3. Shorter guests list

And last but not least, another reason to have your Indian destination wedding different from the one you would have back home is that you could narrow down your guests list. You wouldn’t have to invite people you don’t even know, as it often happens with friends or colleagues of your parents. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity for you and your closest friends and family to have a holiday while being here, enjoying your time together while discovering the beauties of our country.

Maybe you have family or friends coming from Australia, America or India, and you haven’t seen them in a long while. If you had your wedding back home, even if they would come, you wouldn’t have time for them with so many preparations for the functions, the house full of people asking you a thousand questions and never leaving you alone for a second. You know your friends are staying nearby but you don’t have time to meet them and spend some time with them outside the pre-wedding events.

On the other hand, during your destination wedding in Italy, you would all stay together. You wouldn’t have to run anywhere and you can enjoy relaxed evenings with a glass of good wine admiring the landscapes and chitchatting with your family and friends with no stress, in full relax. It’s simply perfect, don’t you think? This is what we call family happiness.

Indian traditions bonded with Italian culture in a special way

Now you’re probably wondering: “Isn’t there the risk that in the search for something original and different I lose the soul of such an important event of my life, like a traditional Indian wedding?” “What would my parents think about this, since they’re helping me finance this wedding?”

Don’t worry. This is why you need an Indian weddings specialist by your side. This presence is fundamental, especially in creating the right conditions to make the elements of the Italian culture live in harmony with the ones of the Indian culture, safeguarding the authenticity of your wedding and the same time turning it into a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

As we always say, traditions are the top priority for us when planning an Indian wedding. In order to give you a unique experience, we take those concepts and adapt them to the context of a wedding in Italy, a country that offers beauty all around, in the scenery, in the food, in the wine; and it lets you and your guests live a true Italian experience without giving up your traditions!

Well, now you know how to make your Indian wedding in Italy special, avoiding to recreate the same type of wedding you would have back home, thanks to the help of the wedding planner specialized in Indian weddings in Italy. A professional team who can truly understand your specific needs to make sure your Indian wedding in Italy is a true success. Do you want to know if you too can experience the excitement of getting married in the most beautiful country in the world while maintaining the Indian traditions? Then start here!