Dhol drummers

The Groom’s Baraat is a constant part of every Indian wedding, whether Sikh or Hindu. A very cheerful and energetic nuptial parade to escort the groom to the ceremony location, in a vortex of dances and joyous shouts of his family and friends who forerun the groom. Everyone has to hear the groom’s arrival, and that’s when the Dholi comes in – the famous player of the Dhol drum – and makes everyone dance in the parade with the right rhythm. Sometimes there can be two, three or even four Dhol drummers at an Indian wedding in Italy, it depends on the groom’s request. The louder the better! And if you’re not sure whether to arrive on a horse or in a car, take a look here to see what other Indian grooms choose for their Baraat in Italy.

The Dhol player does not only take part in the Baraat. Couples often decide to hire him for the wedding reception too, to make everything even more cheerful and lively, especially in Punjabi weddings. The Dhol drummers can announce the arrival of the newlyweds at the reception in Italy. They can also open the dances and prepare some sets of music chosen by the bride to surprise her groom. Therefore, where there is a Dhol player, there is fun! And we have the funniest of them all!

You can also ask for Dhol drummers in Italy to be dressed in a traditional attire or in “normal” clothes. For example they can wear a white shirt for the elegant evening reception, if requested. Regarding the traditional attire, which is more appropriate for the Baraat, there’s also the chance to choose from a variety of attires in different colors that our Dhol drummers have, for example to follow the main color scheme chosen for the Indian ceremony. With your Indian weddings specialist in Italy every detail will be taken into consideration!