Baraat in Italy

White horse or motorized vehicle – the big question that every groom asks himself before his Indian wedding. Truth to be told, according to the tradition, the groom should arrive on an elephant, but in Italy it is forbidden to use elephants for private purposes, because they are only allowed inside the zoo or at the circus. So that is why a lot of grooms choose the white horse to follow Indian’s tradition. It can be quite easy to find a horse for an Indian wedding in Italy, especially if the wedding takes place in inner areas of the country such as Tuscany, Umbria or Apulia. And we have contacts in every corner of Italy, to not disappoint our Indian grooms. But the horse itself is not enough, it needs to be properly decorated. And that’s where the Indian weddings specialist makes the difference compared to any other wedding planner. We know how important the Baraat is to the groom, and for this reason we created our unique decors, which are handmade, elegant and with bright colors to make sure that the horse is worthy of the groom: proud and elegant, ready to escort its noble rider towards the wonderful Mandap.

If you are a more modern groom and you prefer a “motorized” vehicle, then you’re just spoiled for choice! From vintage cars, like the Alfa Romeo, to luxury sports cars, like the Ferrari, to every other type of car – we can find the one you wish for, to impress the bride’s family.

Do you wish for a convertible white car, or a bright red Ferrari, or an evergreen vintage car like the ones you see in romantic movies? We will find it and it will be delivered to the chosen location, with or without a driver, according to your request. And don’t forget to let our Dhol drummers forerun you! We will be able to make your entrance, your Baraat in Italy, as memorable as ever!