Indian food at your wedding in Italy?

BE CAREFUL! You run the risk of not having it!

Have you ever thought that you can risk giving up Indian food at your Indian wedding in Italy? How easy is it to find an Indian catering company or an Indian chef in this beautiful country? You may have heard from other people that it’s possible to have Indian food in Italy; that there are some restaurants or that some venues’ chef is able to prepare Indian dishes. But how reliable are they? Can they ensure the quality and authenticity of the food? How are you going to be guaranteed traditional Indian food?

Indian cuisine is so rich and so various, so are the regions of India. If you are a Sikh bride, you may need the help of a Punjabi cuisine expert chef. While if you are a Hindu bride living in the UK, you most likely are Gujarati, therefore, you may need a different type of cuisine and an expert of Gujarati cuisine. South Indian cuisine is also different. And there’s also Halal cuisine for Muslim couples, and so on… there are so many varieties of Indian cuisine that this post could be endless. And I know well how much you care about your homeland food.

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Don’t take Indian food for granted with Italian venues!

And now, you have finally taken the big step: you’ve decided to have your destination wedding in Italy. But now, one of your biggest concerns is how to have Indian food at your wedding. Is it or is it not possible? – that’s the question. Unfortunately, sometimes Indian brides don’t give much importance to this question right away, and maybe you haven’t too yet. Maybe you didn’t think it through and you are already planning your wedding and choosing the Villa, and when you find one that you like, you immediately jump at booking it without thinking twice because you don’t want to lose that opportunity.

It is obviously not your fault; you can’t know how many things to keep in mind before taking a huge step like signing a contract with an Italian venue. It’s the first time you get married, and in a foreign country, where things are different than in UK and maybe you took that for granted. It happened to me a few times to hear of brides who confirmed a venue for their Indian wedding in Italy, but then, they found out that they couldn’t have Indian food because the property has an exclusive catering or restaurant and doesn’t allow external vendors. And there it’s done. There’s no going back. If something like this happens once the contracts are signed, then there’s no way of getting the money of the deposit back. The only thing to do is give up the idea of Indian food at your wedding in Italy.

When planning your Indian wedding in Italy, it is really important to make enlightened choices, following the right criteria, otherwise you risk compromising your big day! And we know that’s not always an easy task! Speaking from experience, I can say that Indian couples who want to get married in Italy are often blown away by the beauty of the venues they see, and come to forget the rest of the details for the wedding. Often the venues’ managers tend to not mention all the other important aspects. They only bring out all the pretty things directing your attention to the beautiful panoramic view, or the breathtaking look out on the sea… making you overlook everything else, only because they want you to book their location. But just a pretty venue is not enough. You want to have every detail taken care of, and food is one of them.

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What are your food options if you get married in Italy?

Surely Italy is a country proud of its’ culinary traditions, and if you chose to have your Indian wedding in such a beautiful country, you definitely don’t want to miss on Italian food! On the other hand, offering a menu of quality Indian cuisine that makes you feel at home is a great way to preserve traditions during the celebrations of your wedding in Italy, and you surely don’t want to give that up and let down your family and your guests. You can even decide to have them both, maybe alternating Italian food functions to Indian ones. Or maybe offering dishes from both cuisines during the same food function, to give your guests the chance to taste the renowned Italian cuisine without giving up traditional Indian food. But who is going to cook those dishes?

If you think you can bring an Indian catering from the UK, you must know that there are very few venues in Italy that will allow you to do so. And we have already seen that Italian chefs aren’t likely to please your palate, which is used to authentic flavors that only an Indian chef could accomplish. Maybe you have heard of Indian caterings in Italy and you think that would be a good option to solve your problem? Then I’m here to tell you that those caterings, as good as they might be, are not real caterings, but restaurants who need a huge logistic support in order to cook in other places rather than in their own kitchens. But who guarantees that support? And, mostly, what would you do if the venue won’t accept their cooperation and makes you rely on their internal Italian team?

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How to guarantee Indian food at your wedding in Italy?

Don’t despair, because there is a solution! Not by chance, Best Indian Weddings Italy is a true expert of Indian weddings in Italy; and this thanks to the special team of professionals put together during these years. And a great Indian chef is also part of this team, an expert of the authentic Indian food. She cooks for the Indian embassy in Italy and for many institutional events, as well as for destination weddings.  She knows how to best organize the menu for your guests, welcoming and respecting all the specific requests, making them feel completely at ease. And she can make her tasty dishes for your celebration events in Italy too, cooperating with the internal team of the venue. 

Okay – you may say – but what if the venue wouldn’t allow that? This is why you need an expert by your side, someone who is experienced in dealing with Italian suppliers and who always selects venues which are open to collaborating with Indian chefs. If the wedding planner has a certain reputation and knows how to explain to the venue all the benefits of this cooperation, as well as ensure its perfect success for both sides, then you can rest easy. She knows how to put together all the important and fundamental pieces that make up the complex puzzle of your Indian wedding in Italy.

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You need an expert by your side!

Therefore, before making hasty choices and then regret them, it’s pivotal that you have someone experienced by your side, someone to help you make an informed choice when it comes to every little detail of your wedding, so that you won’t have to give up what’s important for you!

Do you want to rest easy knowing you won’t have to give up such an important aspect as Indian food at your wedding in Italy?

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