Lemon themed civil wedding and reception on the Amalfi coast

Monica and Aniruddh are in love with the colours, the smells, the sun and the sea of the Amalfi coast, and they absolutely wanted to incorporate all these details into their wedding. And what better symbol of this fantastic part of Italy than lemons. In fact, for their third day of celebrations, this Indian couple chose to have their white-dress ceremony and reception all themed with lemons. The backdrop was already fantastic, in a Villa overlooking the sea that boasts spectacular views. So we had to make sure to underline this beauty without enriching it too much and bring these symbols of the coast into the setting.

Whereas the Villa itself already has a large grove of lemons and olive trees. Thanks to our fantastic floral designer we have created a wonderful and delicate lemon themed setup. The ceremony was set up on the highest part of the lawn, with an almost 360 degrees view of the sea. A beautiful arch decorated with flowers and lemons, created a stunning backdrop for this symbolic

ceremony masterfully conducted by a professional celebrant. Monica wore a gorgeous tapered dress, and with her bouquet of yellow and white flowers she looked stunning walking down the aisle with her dad. Aniruddh with his elegant white outfit was waiting for her at the altar to pronounce their “I do”. The sax player we hired for the occasion played during the ring exchange and the following aperitivo, to add that special touch to the event.

A special mention goes to the great catering company that was able to please everyone with their food. After the ceremony an aperitif with typical appetizers of the area was offered. We had live stations that couldn’t have been better chosen: hanging cheese melted on a grill and then spread on a crunchy bruschetta with a pinch of lemon juice; typical neapolitan fritters; lamb skewers; pasta cooked live and so on. Given it was hot, the guests took a seat under the shaded gazebos where we set up simple but characteristic centerpieces with lemons in glass jars and yellow table runners.

White and yellow decor to highlight the theme of this wedding reception

For the evening reception, the entire layout of the panoramic glass veranda recalled the colors white and yellow. The tables decorated alternately with lemon trees and low compositions of flowers and lemons created a beautiful effect. The top table had a large matching garland. There were small olive oil bottles with the couple’s logo on the tables. The guests were also given wedding bags with a handmade spoon and towel with the typical lemon decor of the Amalfi coast. A large tree in the most panoramic point of the Villa acted as a support for the seating plan, where we hung ribbons to which we had attached the names of the tables and photos of the couple, creating a perfect spot for pictures at sunset.

However, the best spot for the photos was definitely the final part of the lawn where the couple cut the cake under the arch with a fantastic sunset at their back. It was difficult to move guests from that corner into the reception area for the start of the service, as everyone wanted to capture this unparalleled view of the sun going down on the sea. The reception was an alternation of dances and Indian and Italian food to satisfy all palates, and finally a wonderful buffet of typical sweets from the coast was served. And of course let’s not forget the open bar and wild dancing of the guests. It was a stunning wedding with this last event being the icing on the cake (as the bride said!). We are extremely happy with the result as you can see from the photos and videos produced by our team.

We’ve just had the most incredible three days of our wedding here in Sorrento, Italy. And it has just been a magical experience with the last day being the icing on the cake literally, with amazing views, amazing décor, amazing people around us and it was beautiful. I’d like to add as well the food was also exceptional all throughout; we loved the mix between the Indian and the Italian food. I genuinely think that all our

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