Intimate Civil Wedding in Italy among the vineyards

Christian and Jesmin have a strong connection with Italy and they both love Italian wines. And that is why they have traveled throughout the Italian countryside. For their wedding weekend they wanted a countryside resort, where all their 50 guests could stay together and have all their events.

It was not an easy task, even if in the beginning it looked easier because in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio there are plenty of countryside resorts. However, the couple was not flexible on the dates and their wedding was being planned the year after Covid.

Therefore, many venues had those 2020-2021 postponed weddings already confirmed and also many facilities were being booked quickly by tourists who could finally travel again. That’s why it was quite challenging finding a venue in those specific dates that checked all their boxes.

To propose them the 8 structures included in our Venues Scouting service, we had to contact 64 venues! But in the end the hard work paid off! When the couple came to Italy to choose the venue, they fell in love with a beautiful Resort on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. It was truly perfect for their number of guests and the atmosphere that they wanted to create.

A whole weekend for the wedding celebrations in Italy

On the first day, after the arrival of all the guests, there was the Welcome Party with the much-requested Pizza Party. It was perfect for immediately immersing the guests in the Italian mood with pizza, ice cream, music, and lots of fun. On the second day, given that the couple shares this passion for wine, they decided to treat their guests to a Wine Tasting on the Resort’s estate – which produces its own wines. Christian and Jesmin personally chose the types of wine to taste – starting with Prosecco, then moving on to white wine and finishing with red wine – which were accompanied by some bites of typical Italian food. The tasting took place in 3 different points of the estate, each dedicated to a specific wine. All with the guidance of the Resort’s sommelier who gradually explained how each wine was produced. Needless to say, it was a huge success!

This Resort, in addition to the spaces of the hotel, also has a Villa for events on the same property. It is separated by a small grove which therefore keeps it hidden until the day of the wedding itself. In fact, this beautiful Villa with a spectacular view of the valley was chosen for the last event, their white-dress ceremony and reception. The bride and bridesmaids got ready in the bridal suite with our partner hair&makeup artist who was able to highlight the beautiful South Indian features of the bride. The groom, with his brother and best men made a scenic and fun entrance. There was live music, and a professional celebrant to conduct the ceremony – the atmosphere was very intimate and romantic. Furthermore, the bride and groom received a beautiful surprise from the bride’s sister who, through us, hired a live painter who perfectly framed the ceremony.

Wine color themed wedding

As the color theme of the event, the bride and groom wanted a mix of intense colors such as burgundy and dark red which reminded them of the color of wine – which they love. For their civil wedding ceremony in Italy they chose a squared arch to frame the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan countryside. Once the ceremony was over, the newlyweds left in a classic Italian vintage Beetle and headed to their photoshoot in the countryside among the vineyards. In the meantime, their guests participated in the cocktail hour with typical local delicacies. They were entertained by live music and a Magic Mirror selfie box that won over all the guests! As a seating plan, the couple chose a very original idea, bottles of wine (from which the tables took their names) on which the names of the guests where handwritten by a calligrapher.

For the reception we had to move to backup plan, even if initially the entire set up had been done outside – given that mid-September is usually still a hot season. That because suddenly a very strong and cold wind arose

which made it almost impossible to stay outside, so the spouses preferred to move everything inside. Fortunately, we never propose venues without a valid plan B option. In fact this Villa has a beautiful internal room with windows that still allow you to admire the exteriors, where we have recreated the same setup for dinner, including the chandelier above the top table. The all-Italian dinner was a huge success.

Throughout the dinner there were lots of toasts, and as per Danish tradition (which was new for us!) every time one of the guests shouted “kiss!” the spouses had to kiss either sitting, standing on the chair or under the table. A very fun tradition! As always, traditions are very important for the families who choose us, both Indian and non-Indian. After dinner, the wind calmed down and everyone moved outside to continue the party with dancing, live music, open bar and signature drinks which are now a must at all weddings. Everyone was extremely happy about this civil wedding in the countryside of Italy, and this gave us great satisfaction.