Indian pre-wedding Sangeet in Italy

Avani and Jay planned their destination wedding in Southern Italy. They wanted an all-in-one venue where to accommodate all of their guests coming from the US and the UK and where to hold their events. It was an intimate celebration, with just one pre-wedding event – Sangeet. The couple didn’t want to renounce the joy of this typical Indian pre-wedding event, and wanted to make it as

colorful as possible. They wanted strings of lights to create a magical atmosphere. And they also asked us to set the Sangeet up with our original Indian decor, such as marigold garlands, Indian umbrellas and other decorations, to carry the Indian mood into their pre-wedding event in Italy. 

The importance of a backup plan also for pre-wedding events in Italy

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side that day, and it rained. But fortunately, the venue we scouted for them had several spaces, both indoors and outdoors, all beautiful. And even if they initially chose an outdoor area for this pre-wedding event, we had a perfect backup plan where we were able to move the Sangeet without losing that Indian mood that the couple wanted. We always make sure we have valid plan B options for all the scheduled events, as you never know how the weather will be on your wedding day. If you want to know more about our venues scouting service, you can check the dedicated page here>>>

The majolica veranda we used as backup plan had an amazing colorful flooring which was perfectly in the color palette of Sangeet. We decorated the veranda with strings of lights and our beautiful colorful decorations.

Then we moved some trees inside the veranda to create that garden effect and we wrapped them with marigold garlands. We also created a new backdrop for the couple’s pictures, and for when the bride received gifts from the family.

Despite being this pre-wedding event purely Indian, the couple also wanted to incorporate some Italian elements, being the wedding celebrations in Italy. Therefore,  they decided to organize a pizza party for this food function. Everyone enjoyed this typical Italian food served with also other appetizers, all fresh and prepared at the moment. And then we had amazing dance performances prepared by the guests which were just incredible. The bride and groom looked gorgeous during their pre-wedding events, as you can see on their pictures.