Tamil and Gujarati Hindu wedding on the Amalfi coast

Monica and Aniruddh are a beautiful couple from the UK, elegant, classy and really close. They reached out to us during the pandemic, when everything was shut down, parties were not allowed, borders between countries were closed… But they were 100% positive that their big dream of getting married in Italy was going to become true. Even the choice of the wedding venue was made from a distance, but thanks to our very efficient Venues Scouting Service, with our proposals we managed to truly give them the feel of the final venues they selected. Thanks to very thorough video calls where we explained all the spaces of each venue they were able to make their final choice. 

A wonderful Villa in Sorrento overlooking the sea, the volcano Vesuvius and the isle of Capri was chosen for this event. This venue offers a breathtaking landscape and huge spaces that very few Villas on the Amalfi coast can boast. And when the couple finally managed to come to Italy they couldn’t be more excited as it was even better than they expected. Monica and Aniruddh’s Hindu wedding was celebrated in the separate beach club of the Villa which is as if it were a different venue. Directly on the sea of the Amalfi coast with the gentle sound of the waves, it was a perfect backdrop for this Indian wedding that the bride and groom dreamed of celebrating in Italy.

Two Hindu rituals performed for this fusion Indian wedding on the sea of the Amalfi coast

For the occasion we played with the bright colors of the flowers and linear structures to create cohesion with the structure of the beach club itself. The Mandap was made of wood, decorated with scattered flower compositions, placed on a high platform for all 180 guests to see the ceremony. Not only the Mandap, there was also a swing decorated with greenery and flowers. And this because it was a mixed marriage, as Monica and Aniruddh are both Hindu but with two different backgrounds. Monica is Gujarati and Aniruddh is Tamil, so the ceremony was conducted following the rituals of both religions. And that’s in Tamil marriage that there are a series of rituals performed on a swing. There were two focal points: the Mandap and the swing. We also had two Pandits, one Gujarati and one Tamil who came from the UK to celebrate the wedding with two rituals. 

Monica wore a gorgeous bright red lehenga, while Aniruddh wore the traditional Tamil Longi. Despite the traditional dress, Aniruddh did not want to pass up his arrival in modern style with a roaring red Ferrari. He drove it to the beach club where he was welcomed by his Baraatis dancing and singing to the rhythm of the Dhol played by our talented Dhol player, and the colored smoke bombs that made everything more joyful and engaging.

The entrance of the groom followed two rituals, the Tamil rite with various elements including the typical umbrella, from which we made some petals fall out, and the Gujarati rite with Jaan arrival. Monica arrived accompanied by her uncles and for her entrance we put a nice arch in line with the setting.

Since the ceremony had a double rite, to make both families understand what was happening, very detailed programs of the ceremony were prepared with explanations of each important step. In fact, having an order of the service is very convenient, as well as a nice idea, because it allows everyone to understand the meaning of what is happening. Monica also ordered some personalized fans which came in very handy as the day was particularly hot. It was nice to see the two Pandits taking turns under the Mandap and taking turns singing during the ceremony which was very emotional.

After the ceremony, lunch was served in the shade of the large gazebo of the beach club, for the relief of the guests. A full Indian lunch prepared by our team chef in collaboration with the villa’s caterer which everyone was very satisfied of. The delicious Mango Lassi was especially a great success on that hot Summer day. And everything was just perfect, for that fusion Indian wedding on the sea of the Amalfi coast in Italy.