Epic Indian wedding reception on the Amalfi coast

Aaron and Simran’s wedding reception on the Amalfi coast was truly epic. The bride and groom wanted the true Italian vibe for their last event of their week of celebrations in Southern Italy. And they could not have chosen a better place than the Amalfi Coast, the fulcrum of the Italian spirit renowned in the world. They had never been there before, but already from the photos they fell in love with this area of Italy overlooking the sea that offers unparalleled views.

When they asked us to find a place for their reception that made them perceive the infinity of the sea and that had big spaces for 250 people, we had no doubt. Our proposal was a fantastic new venue on the Amalfi Coast perfect for this Indian wedding reception. It’s located on several terraces descending to a round main garden with an artificial pond. Also, the place has a very particular shape: on one side an amphitheater with steps covered in greenery, on the other side a rose garden and vineyards, and in front of it the infinite blue of the sea.

Amalfi coast majolica theme to decorate this wedding reception

Being on the Amalfi Coast, we had to choose a theme that would add even more value to the place. And, after the first proposals and drafts, we chose the famous Vietri Majolica as the theme for the wedding. The main colors are blue and white, perfect for this event, with the addition of lemons, the symbolic fruit of the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to our trusted floral designer, we have created a perfect setup with lemons and flowers and the use of vases in the color palette.

The focal point of the reception was a beautiful round dancefloor, which was tailor-made for this event to be placed in the round garden. The 11m diameter platform was covered with a film with the same design as the majolica tiles and the couple’s logo. Our team made the design for the dance floor which was also used for all the stationery.

We created a common thread throughout the set-up: menus, names cards, drink lists, table numbers and so on. The seating plan was dynamic, as a spiral of lemons was created, each of which had a card with the name and table of each guest. Even the tables were covered with tablecloths created for the occasion, with the same print as the decor. And the steps of the amphitheater were filled with cushions in the same scheme and with lanterns that created a magical light at sundown.

The bride and groom arrived on a beautiful vintage Mercedes and immediately had their first dance on the wonderful dancefloor. It was accompanied by the lights of the sparkulars and the beautiful background of the sunset over the sea.

Italian vibe and lots of unique details for this grand wedding reception on the sea

Not only the setup and decor made this event beautiful, but also the show of professional performers hired to entertain guests during the evening. Upon arrival, the guests were greeted by these performers in Amalfi coast outfits always in palette with the decor. As guests made their way down to the garden, marveling at the view and setup, they were served a glass of Italian Prosecco. And then after everyone’s arrival, the dancers performed to the tune of typical Italian songs. In the meantime, the aperitif was served by the waiters who offered delicious Italian appetizers to the guests.

For this event, the couple chose a full-on Italian menu to highlight even more this Italian vibe that they wanted to convey to their guests. For dinner, the guests went up to the long terrace at the top of the venue covered with plants and lemons releasing a stunning scent and making everything very characteristic.

Round tables with a beautiful decor were arranged for the guests, while the bride and groom and their families were seated at a beautiful imperial table full of flowers.A particular moment of this evening was the delivery of the cast of the hands of the couple made a few days earlier. For the base, the artist chose blue and white majolica and stones, while the joined hands of the spouses were covered in yellow velvet.

Our performers entertained the guests throughout the evening, changing outfits 4 times. After dinner the guests went down again to the round garden. The couple cut the cake illuminated by the beautiful lights and the “Lady Lamps” which amazed the guests. The party continued until 2am with our performers dressed as Mirror Dancers. And the grand finale of the evening was the fireworks show lighting up the whole Amalfi Coast.