Romantic legal wedding in a beautiful castle in Italy

Alisha and Bhavik are a young couple from the UK, full of energy and very ambitious who loves to travel around the world. They have already explored Italy and they knew it was going to be the perfect place for their intimate wedding with only 80 guests. However, despite the small number of guests, they still wanted to impress them and offer a nice experience in a high-level venue where they could all stay together and spend 3-days of celebration full of events. 

They didn’t have a specific location in mind, but they knew what type of venue they wanted. Besides having the right capacity, it needed to have an important architectural and historical significance, something that you would not find anywhere else, and which was unique, beautiful to look at and also comfortable for their stay. They were open to consider different parts of Italy. When we started with our venue scouting service, we knew it was not going to be such an easy task. In the end, we managed to propose various venues that fully matched the couple’s values.

The three venues they selected for viewing were all in different parts of the country: one in Sicily, one in Tuscany and one in Umbria. There were three very intense days of viewings, with also flights and other car trips. In the end they chose a breathtaking castle in Umbria where we had already worked before and where we always come back with pleasure given the great management and staff working there who is always willing to support our requests.

The wedding days were then set for April. Despite it is usually a month with good weather, unfortunately it was not great during those days, with some rain and temperatures dropping especially at night. Fortunately, the castle has different spaces, both outdoors and also indoors, and the latter we had to use on different occasions. And this variety of indoor spaces allowed us to use different areas for their 5 events. Despite the bad weather, everyone had a great time, and it was an exciting start of the celebrations. 

Legal wedding in Italy with breathtaking view

The next day we had our fair share of luck, and the weather was good. So we were able to set up the Civil ceremony outdoor, in the beautiful panoramic main court. Being located on a hill, the castle offers amazing views from different angles. To frame the stunning backdrop of the hills, they chose a square arch decorated with pampas and compositions of pale pink flowers and sage green drapes, which perfectly matched the landscape. Our trusted floral designer surely delivered as usual with this beautiful setup. 

The bride looked like a goddess in her white dress and flower bouquet. Beautiful hair and impeccable makeup done by a renowned Indian makeup artist from the UK. The bride made her entrance accompanied by the sweet sound of a live violin. 

It was a legally binding ceremony with the celebrant from the city hall officializing it. It is not difficult for foreigners to register their wedding with a legal license in Italy(of course by following all the necessary steps and doing it in those venues that are approved by the city hall). 

The groom wore a sage green suit, and so did the bridesmaids. Everyone was wearing matching outfits, from sage green to pale pink and the whole ceremony was emotional. Once it ended, the guests were offered Italian appetizers and gelato for a typical Italian cocktail hour. 

Even though there was no reception dinner to follow, it was anyway a big day for Alisha and Bhavik and they couldn’t resist doing an auspicious cake cutting. And to make it a different experience for the guests and also from the final reception happening on the following day, we opt for a typical Italian millefeuille which was made live by the pastry chef with the help of the bride and groom. Surely a bonding moment for Alisha and Bhavik making their own wedding cake and also a fun experience for the guests to assist.

With their legal wedding, the “non-Indian” part of the celebrations in Italy came to an end. It was a beautiful beginning of the celebrations with also stunning photos taken around the walls of the majestic castle.