Muslim Indian wedding in Italy with Sicilian vibe

Hanna and Adam’s wedding was our first Muslim wedding. We were excited to finally get in touch with the Muslim culture and have the occasion to plan an Indian Muslim wedding in Italy. Because Hanna and Adam are an Indian couple, and that’s why they contacted us as specialists in Indian weddings in Italy.

Their celebrations were divided into two days, the Muslim wedding on the first day and Civil wedding on the second day. Since for the civil wedding and reception a luxury castle in Sicily was already chosen and confirmed, we opted to celebrate their Nikaah ceremony in the walking-distance hotel where all their guests were staying. It was very important for the bride and groom to make sure all the Muslim needs were met and respected for their wedding in Italy. In fact, we allocated and set up a room for prayers in both the hotel and the castle. We ordered certified Halal meat for all the food functions; and we made sure the setting of the ceremony was in an appropriate area.

The Nikaah ceremony was celebrated by a local Imam. The men were grouped in an area of the garden, and the women grouped near the beach. As per tradition men and women have to be separate before the couple’s union. Hanna wore an extravagant blue dress that made her look like a movie star, and her family wore matching outfits in various shades of baby blue.

Adam and all the men wore ‘thobe’ the traditional Muslim attire for the ceremony and then changed into more modern outfits later. The Nikaah ritual was followed by a typical Sicilian dinner in the other part of the garden facing the sea with a beautiful landscape around, where typical delicacies were served, together with a live barbecue station. Guess what was served as dessert? Cannoli of course! As well as some homemade typical Muslim sweets made by the groom’s auntie.

The setup and décor were all Sicilian themed (of course): centerpieces with lemons and greens, small herbs pots and wedding favors with the typical majolica, to decorate lines of rectangular tables under the strings of lights. A must have for the bride at her Muslim wedding reception were stunning arched candelabras hanging over the top table to frame the breathtaking backdrop of the sea behind the newlyweds.

During the evening there were Mehndi ladies to paint ladies’ hands with beautiful henna patterns. This wonderful evening ended with a show by fire artists that left all the guests speechless with their performances. Everyone was happy and we were extremely proud of the outcome of our first Muslim wedding in Italy.