Beautiful seaside Indian wedding in Southern Italy

Before getting married, Avani and Jay lived in two different parts of the world: she is from the US while he is from the UK. It was not easy for them to live so far from each other. And especially it was not easy to organize their wedding in Italy, having such different time zones. The main planning was handled by Avani, a very determined but also very relaxed bride, so everything went very smoothly.

Avani’s dream was to get married on the beach. Considering that of the 130 guests, half came from America and the other half from England, they wanted to find a place where they could all be together and have a truly relaxing holiday in Italy. The scouting service was done remotely, also because Avani was unable to come and see the venues from America and Jay didn’t want to come and choose without her, so everything was done from a distance. Eventually for their Indian wedding they chose a seaside Resort in Paestum, in southern Italy, with

luxuriant gardens and a large swimming pool, a stone’s throw from the sea, reachable through a pine forest. The beautiful beach was the backdrop for their Hindu ceremony. Both Avani and Jay are Gujarati, so a Gujarati Pandit – who lives in Italy and with whom we collaborate – was hired to celebrate their union.

We were lucky enough with the weather as it was beautiful. And the blue sea acted as a backdrop to an elegant Mandap with beautiful fresh white and ivory flowers. Since the bride and groom both wore soft colored attires, the florist created Varmala garlands full of fresh carnations in color palette. The Baraat was conducted  through the pine forest with the groom and his baraatis, while on the other side was the bride’s family waiting for them for the Jaan arrival. The ceremony was also fun as the Pandit is young and loves interacting with guests, and everyone enjoyed it. After this, lunch was served with a mix of Indian and Italian foods as per the request of the bride and groom. 

Classy wedding reception in black, gold and white

Avani and Jay wanted to incorporate Italian elements into their wedding as much as possible. In fact they chose a full Italian dinner for the reception. It started with a cocktail hour by the pool with typical local delicacies, including the live pasta station, and lots of appetizers. After that, we moved to the main hall where the three-course dinner was served. The setting was in a black, gold and white theme, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby: with black tablecloths, gold and black chairs, beautiful golden candleholders and white flowers with lighted candles that created an elegant mood.

The couple also wore very elegant black outfits, and the cake was also black with the initials of the bride and groom in gold. At the end of the dinner, a dessert buffet was served, with typical local pastries and a chocolate fountain. To cheer up the party there was also a saxophonist who played together with the DJ, and who made all the guests dance. Everything went extremely smoothly and the whole experience was very nice and relaxing for the guests and especially for the couple who enjoyed every single moment of this day, had time for themselves and spent these moments with their guests.