Sikh pre-wedding events in a stunning resort in Italy

For their Sikh pre-wedding events, this Indian couple chose to use different areas of the high-level resort in Italy where they stayed with all the guests. Several gardens, swimming pools, internal spaces were capable of hosting more than one event at the same time thanks to the variety of spaces. The resort is made of two hotels connected through a park, both of which were chosen by Shanujan&Prabhleen to have the possibility of dividing the events into the various spaces. In fact, the spaces of one hotel were reserved entirely for the wedding day, while the spaces of the other hotel were used for pre-wedding events.

The first day began with Haldi only for the family and closest friends. We set up the terrace of the Presidential Suite where the bride was staying, with a typical traditional Indian setup. We used yellow marigolds, Indian umbrellas and a beautiful yellow backdrop. On the second day there was Mehndi and Sangeet. The Mehndi was set up by the pool under an ivy-covered pergola. It was already impressive itself, and we decided to take advantage of the natural surroundings and only add some Indian umbrellas and some colored cloths on the tables to give a touch of color at the henna stations. The talented tattoo artists took care of tattooing the ladies’ hands, while the rest of the guests had fun in the pool. Even though it was late October, the temperatures were very warm and it was a pleasure for guests to take a dip in the pool.

Beautiful Sangeet event in the crystal hall

The room adjacent to the pool area was used for the Sangeet. It was a wonderful hall full of crystals with a sparkling backdrop behind the wedding table. We started with Ladies Sangeet with the traditional songs and the bride’s grandmother playing the Dolki. It was followed by Chunni with the gifts brought to the bride and groom. And finally we enjoyed the amazing choreographies prepared by the guests – who rehearsed all day to have an impeccable result. Prabhleen and Shanujan’s Sangeet was very fun and energetic.

The tables setup was simple but effective. We used lanterns as the centerpiece of the table, surrounded by flowers and positioned on colored runners perfect for this event. Dinner was an all-Italian buffet, with pizza, focaccia, pasta, salads and other local specialties. And to end on a sweet note, the homemade ice cream, fried donuts and chocolate fountain couldn’t be missing. The bride and groom looked stunning in their traditional outfits and the whole event was a great success.