Luxury Sikh wedding in Italy on the outskirts of Florence

Sanjit and Harpreet, a young, ambitious couple from London, asked us to create a grand and stylish Sikh wedding in Italy, 2 full days of events and celebration, change of outfits and of scenery. And above all else, a Sikh ceremony Anand Karaj celebrated in full tradition, with over 200 guests coming from various corners of the world.

Despite being busy with work, Sanjit was enthusiastic and available to communicate with for every detail regarding the events. Sanjit is probably the bride with whom I’ve communicated the most over the course of my career as wedding planner. In truth, thanks to the consistent communication with my bride, the result was amazing, big ideas realized in a big way, with every little detail that succeeded exactly as it was imagined.

Noble Tuscan villa

For the Sikh wedding, the couple chose an important Tuscan villa on the outskirts of Florence, that had already been the location of a famous Indian wedding. Vast green landscape, large gardens and an impressive palazzo, that is still the residence of a noble family. The garden with the most shade was chosen for the Sikh ceremony. We setup there a beautiful white Mandap decorated with white and ivory flowers intertwined with green branches. Because white and green were the palette chosen by the bride, to play on the aesthetics and color scheme of the Tuscan hills and fields surrounding the villa.

The bride wore an amazing Sabyasachi red lehenga and stunning jewels. The groom chose to arrive with a vintage Alfa Romeo. He was preceded by a joyful Baraat procession that continued along the cypresses valley, in the colored cloud of smoke bombs. Finally, at the entrance of the ceremony area, we prepared the boxes for the ramals. They were in two colors: ivory for the bride’s guests and gold for the groom’s guests. Everything was printed in India: the Anand Karaj books, the invitations to the wedding, the itinerary – all with the logo of the bride and groom, keeping the colors and design of the groom’s wedding outfit.

Magical atmosphere

After the Sikh ceremony, a vegetarian lunch was served prepared by a well-known Indian caterer from Florence. One of the lawns was prepared with long imperial tables decorated with elegant vintage crystal vases and white flowers. While the reception was set up in the internal courtyard of the villa, with a sky of stars above the guests. The atmosphere was magical thanks to the hundreds of small and large candles, hanging and standing, which illuminated the whole space. Large and intricate floral arrangements adorned the guests’ tables, while the newlyweds sat at a separate table decorated with a beautiful cascade of flowers, and with floral chandeliers hanging above them.

At the center of the courtyard, a dance floor was built with the bride and groom’s logo. Specifically it was the same logo which was festively projected on to the walls during the dances. For the reception, the bride chose an old Hollywood loose wavy  hair style, coiffed to perfection. She dressed in a classy red dress, while the groom dressed in an elegant black tuxedo. The dinner, a mixed menu of Indian and Italian cuisine, where two caterers worked  perfectly. Music, dance and a lots of drinks made the evening lively and fun, where all guests had a wonderful experience to creating memories to last them a lifetime!