Amazing Sikh wedding in a high ranking Medici Villa in Tuscany

Amrita and Guv, a very young couple from Burningam, UK, were our first Sikh couple. Amrita contacted us almost two years before the wedding – subjecting us to the difficult task of organizing their Anand Karaj in Tuscany, outdoors, with a beautiful landscape.

Only Sikhs can understand all the difficulties of this task. In fact, realizing their dream meant bringing Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, outside of Gurdwara. And this is the reason that there are many more Hindu destination weddings than Sikh destination weddings. There are few, very few, Gurdwaras that will agree to bring the holy book beyond the temple.

Therefore it took us a long time to find the Gianis who were  ready to perform and celebrate their Sikh ceremony, and in the end it was a magnificent success: Anand Karaj in proper form, with the musicians playing and singing the kirtan (traditional devotional music), while the newlyweds made their four Laavan pheras.

The Medici Villa

The Villa chosen for the wedding is of highest ranking nobility, a Villa in Tuscany which belonged to the great Florentine Medici family.

In fact, you can feel the regal air both inside the Villa and outside among the olive groves and vineyards. So, the couple chose the huge panoramic terrace surrounded by the magnificent Tuscan landscape for both the wedding ceremony and the evening reception.

The bride and groom wore a very intense red lehenga and sherwani for the ceremony, and, in the evening,  wore elegant white outfits for the reception dinner. On his Baraat, the groom arrived on the white horse decorated with our handmade decorations. While the bride descended the royal staircase, followed by her fluttering bridesmaids.

A well-known Indian restaurant in Florence was chosen to prepare Indian food, in collaboration with the villa’s in-house catering company. Meanwhile, our amazing florist once again managed  to manifest dreams into reality with the floral arrangements for the Mandap and centerpieces at the reception dinner; perfectly reflecting the wishes of our newlyweds. The atmosphere was made all the more  magical by the starry sky composed of a bulb strings and fairly lights suspended above the dancefloor, which was arranged in the middle of the lawn, everyone danced the night away to the music of the dj.

We’re just about to walk out onto our reception. We’ve been working on our wedding for 18 months now – about for two years – and it has been a big challenge but we did it because of the help of Svetlana with Best Indian Weddings Italy. She has been able to provide us with so much help in obtaining the Sikh ceremony, which was a quite a battle, and to make us feel calm and relaxed about the whole day. It had its challenge but with every challenge goes a reward, and I think she did a grand job. There were times when it was difficult, where we were starting to carry out certain parts to a traditional Sikh wedding. And with the help of Svetlana and her contacts, she’s managed to get us the exact wedding we want. And, like I said, we’re just about to go out to our reception, and it looks fabulous out there. So thank you Svetlana and her team! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO REVIEW!