Weddings are now allowed again in Italy!!!

Most of the Italian regions have now given the possibility to hold private events, such as weddings! Wow, finally, it was about time! We are so happy and so relieved. Of course, there are some precautions to be taken in order to guarantee the safety of those who will attend these events in Italy. And we already have the solution to all of them! You don’t have to worry at all. Let’s see together the norms from the Italian government and how we figured them out for you.

Respecting the social distancing

It means that there has to be a 2 meters distance between tables or 1 meter between chairs, and to do that a big and wide venue is required. And we, at Best Indian Weddings Italy, have always preferred the spacious venues. As we all know, an Indian wedding requires many spaces to hold all the different pre-wedding functions and all the guests need to feel comfortable. Therefore, our selection of wedding villas, hotels or resorts in Italy, was already oriented towards that kind of places even before the Covid situation, and this rule won’t be a problem at all: we can safely guarantee the respect of the distance required both indoors and outdoors.

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Tables arrangements for the meals

It just consists of putting at the same table people from the same household or who live together or who spend a lot of time together. And I honestly don’t think this will be a problem for you. We know how close and important the relationship between members of the family is in the Indian society, because family is the cornerstone of Indian’s social life. Therefore we are sure that it will be quite easy for you to arrange your seating plan in this way. Anyway, we will help you out and we will create together the most appropriate sitting plan!

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The buffet is allowed at weddings

Even the buffet is allowed at your wedding, so nothing will be different during the unfolding of your reception. You can have your meals both served and buffet – it’s your choice! Just to know that the waiters will serve the guests and not the guests by themselves and that’s all! Isn’t that just better? If you ask us, it’s so much better! It will bring your wedding to another level and make everything more elegant. And your guests will just ask what they would like to have in their plates, and the waiters will do the rest and then either hand them their plate or bring it to the table. It’s a perfect solution!

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There’s no limit to the number of people!

So, if you plan on having 150-200-250 guests, they can all come! You won’t have to shrink your guests list because you are afraid that it’s not allowed to hold events with a large number of people. And you won’t have to worry, because if you choose a large venue (and with us you will definitely choose a spacious venue with different spaces for all your events) it will surely be suitable for this situation and all the distances required will be respected.

The staff with gloves and masks

The service staff will have to wear gloves and masks and sanitize their hands frequently. Doesn’t this make you feel better? You will be sure that everything is clean and sanitized. Together with the catering we will arrange for black masks and gloves for the waiters and the maître to make a total look with their black and white uniforms, and to see everything matched will give an extra elegant touch like in fancy restaurants, so you won’t even notice this extra accessory.

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Hand sanitizer available in every space

The bathroom and surfaces cleaning must be done multiple times during the days and in-between the events, and hand sanitizer will be available in every space. Wow! Even better! Clean bathrooms and surfaces are always important, Covid or not, and you will be sure that the venue will guarantee impeccable cleanliness. Because observing hygiene requirements is always important, and also, for example, if kids go play in a garden even their mothers will feel better knowing that there will be hand sanitizer everywhere!

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Masks are not mandatory in outdoor spaces

Wow! So, if you thought, and I think you did, of planning your wedding reception outdoors, you won’t even have to wear a mask. On the other hand, if you choose to have it indoors, for the next couple of months it will be mandatory to wear a mask in indoor spaces only when you aren’t sitting at the table. But look on the bright side: this could be a great idea, you could match it to your lehenga, or you can create personalized masks for your guests which could also be a nice souvenir from your party, or use them also to take pictures in a photobooth. How many times have we prepared accessories with the wedding hashtag for a photobooth? Lips, mustache, hats, glasses, you name it, that guests could use as props for their photos; here instead they would have unique masks to be personalized with the wedding hashtag for example. Nowadays, creating personalized masks is a real trend, and you surely don’t want to miss on that! I think it’s a very nice idea choosing the colors or the patterns to put on these masks. Let’s do it together!

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Dancing is allowed!

The newlyweds’ first wedding dance is allowed both indoors and outdoors. Though, disco is allowed outdoors and without the obligation of the mask! Sure, the social distancing is important. But you won’t even have to give up the dances!

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As you can see, it’s true that there are a little bit more rules to follow, but these are rules that at the end of the day we were already respecting and that now are just more helpful and won’t make things more complicated. And, just so you know, these rules are effective up until July 31st, and we all expect that moving forward these rules won’t be as strict!

What I want to say is that we are almost back to normal, to the life we were living before the virus, and that we can re-start to fully live again. The wedding is the most beautiful and most awaited moment of our lives. It’s our dream of creating a family coming true, to bond with the person we love and have a life together forever. This Covid situation scared us all, it questioned everything we believed in and everything we knew, we were scared of the future. And now, finally, the future is looking bright and positive again, a beautiful rainbow full of bright and shiny colors. We need to grab our dreams in our hands again and walk our paths confidently. Because it’s easier to find a solution together. And I will always be by your side, helping you plan this ambitious project of your destination wedding in Italy. NOW WE CAN DO IT AGAIN!