Why having only one wedding ceremony in Italy if you can have two?

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Every event in your life is a door which leads to possibilities that you may have never imagined possible. And this can also be true for you, dear bride-to-be, as you plan your Indian wedding ceremony in Italy. Naturally, you already know what your wedding must include to make the Indian wedding authentic: religeous pre-wedding functions, Mehndi, Sangeet , Baraat, Mandap ceremony, and so on.  That being said, I invite you to rest easy knowing that your wedding planner will take care of all these aspects, leaving you and your future husband the pleasure of waiting for what’s to come.

And seeing as there will be a professional by your side for every step of the way, I also invite you to clear out your mind for a moment to open yourself to possibilities which perhaps you’ve never thought of. Because your Indian wedding in Italy only happens once in your lifetime, so why having only one ceremony when you can have TWO? Yes, you heard it right: two ceremonies! Your Indian wedding and your civil ceremony!

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When it comes to plan Indian destination weddings, most couples don’t think about having a civil destination wedding too. They usually have their civil legal wedding home, whether it’s the UK or the US, with a small group of relatives, just to celebrate this legal part, often considered less important for a destination ceremony. And then have their Indian wedding in another country… but why is that? Because they think it’s too complicated and that a civil ceremony abroad may not have legal validity in their country. But they couldn’t be more WRONG!

Regardless the nationality and religious faith, foreign citizens can get married in Italy as there is no legal residence requirement for a legally binding marriage; but, of course, they will need some mandatory documents in order to get married. Therefore, the civil marriage ceremony in Italy is absolutely legally valid in foreign countries. And, to make your life easier, we take care of all the bureaucratic procedures, handle the arrangements with the local authorities and find the civil officiant, so that you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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In Italy there are a lot of places of great historical and architectural value that will make your wedding special: from the Northern lakes to the Tuscan countryside, from Venice canals to the eternal city of Rome, from Castles on green hills to Villas overlooking the blue sea, you name it! An endless list of beautiful wedding locations and places for every kind of budget. And when you’re in such a wonderful place, you must take advantage of that!

And if you have decided to get married in Italy, then you definitely have to exploit these beautiful backdrops and landscapes that this wonderful country offers and add an extra touch to your already amazing Indian wedding to wow your guests even more and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Not only will you be able to wear your gorgeous white dress while holding a beautiful floral bouquet, exchange wedding rings and vows, and leave all of your guests speechless in front of that, but also the civil wedding will have legal validity in your country. So you won’t need to do a separate ceremony at home.

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The number of foreigners’ weddings celebrated in Italy is growing increasingly every year and this trend is destined to continue. This is why more and more Indian couples are choosing to have both Indian and civil ceremonies here in Italy. We have already organized many of them, and with a great success! Take a look here or here. And, don’t worry, adding a civil ceremony won’t compromise the success of your Indian wedding at all; in fact, you would already have almost everything at your disposal: the venue, the photographer, the makeup artist/hair stylist, the flowers and so on… And especially all of your dearest guests will be there with you, to share this double ceremony at your destination wedding in Italy. All you would need is an official celebrant for your civil wedding, but, as already mentioned, we will take care of that!

Make the most of the situation, your wedding only happens once! Would you like to add the civil legal wedding to your Indian ceremony in Italy? We will make that happen!