A decorated horse for Baraat? It’s not obvious in Italy!

If you are reading this post it is probably because you want to get married in Italy. And at the same time, you would like to have clearer ideas on how to make your Indian wedding day a great day to remember. Everything must be in place and nothing can be left to chance.

This time I don’t want to talk about the traditional services that a wedding planner has to guarantee to the future married couple (which you can read in my other posts) but to dwell, rather, on something really special and unique, something which concerns one of the  most fascinating rites during the three days of an Indian wedding: the Baraat procession.

What I then wanted to design together with my staff responds to my philosophy of wedding planners specializing in Indian weddings in Italy: that the details truly make the difference between a successful wedding destined to be remembered for a lifetime and an ordinary wedding.

In this specific case, we made some original decorations, entirely hand -made and absolutely non invasive for the horse, designed to enhance the elegance and nobility of this wonderful animal within all the typical Baraat liveliness.

best indian weddings italy baraat horse decoration 2 - A decorated horse for Baraat? It's not obvious in Italy!

In other words: since it is a festive and colorful procession, why not also decorate one of the protagonists of the procession? It is therefore a real novelty for what concerns the landscape of decorations for Indian weddings.  In fact, you must know that in Italy there are no such decorations for horses that are always bare and devoid of ornaments during the Baraat procession.

The only ones existing belong to the picturesque world of the “Sicilian carts” but it is almost impossible for local artisans to rent them for other purposes.  And if this were possible, the costs would be exorbitant!

So then these beautiful and accessible decorations can add to the Baraat procession a touch of color and personality that you will hardly see around and represent one of those details where the originality of an idea meets the tradition of Indian marriage without  distorting it.

Now that you are aware of this new service, you can give a touch of flair and originality to your Indian wedding in Italy. And if you want more ideas and to stay always updated, follow us on our social channels.