How to wow your guests at your Indian wedding in Italy!

Obviously my blog must include wedding inspiration posts, so here is one which advises on how to give your Indian wedding in Italy that special touch which only Italy can offer and give you the chance to truly wow your guests! Sure, getting married in Italy, the most beautiful country in the world, is already impressive in and of itself: the breathtaking landscapes, incredible views, and venues which have important historic value would be enough for your guests to remember it fondly forever. But if you really want to surprise them – give them one-of-a-kind experience with a “wow” factor – then choose from these options which I often suggest to my couples who want an extraordinary wedding in Italy.

1. Classical Music

Italy is the land of Pavarotti, Verdi, Rossini, Bocelli, and myriad other composers and singers who are famous throughout the world. Imagine, then, having a soprano or tenor sing during your reception or maybe even accompany you and your new husband as you make your entrance to the banquet area. Another idea that is truly unique (with an adeguate budget) is to have a “living” music box with a dancer who spins around on a piano, just like a real music box! Such an addition is truly unique and would guarantee the success of your reception. 

carillon vivente - How to wow your guests at your Indian wedding in Italy!

2. Venetian masquerade

Even if you don’t get married in Venice, your guests will love participating in a “masked ball” reception or welcome dinner! The Venetian Carnival is unlike anything else; it’s as if you partake in a dream which few get the chance to experience. But everyone should find themselves at least once in their lives among elegant masks, feathers, and gorgeous costumes.

So you could have masks commissioned for your guests – to wear or to use as seating place “cards”; have beautiful floral arrangements with candles and cascading flowers; and hire costumed actors to entertain during dinner. It will be an reception unlike any other that will surprise your guests who came all the way to Italy for your Indian wedding, immersing them in the surreal world of a Venetian Carnival! 

venetian masquerade - How to wow your guests at your Indian wedding in Italy!

3. Pizza tossers

Here’s an idea which I guarantee will make your welcome dinner a success: I advise all my Indian couples who come to Italy to get married to opt for a pizza theme party. Everyone knows and loves pizza, and only in Italy – the birthplace of pizza – can you find the real thing! Imagine an informal, relaxed atmosphere, a buffet with pasta and salad, and an oven (preferably wood fired) which pops out freshly made pizzas to the joy of the young and the old alike.

Then, two or three real Neapolitan come and start to toss pizza dough in the air to create perfect disks, flipping and twirling them around themselves without ever dropping them! Your guests will surely be impressed, and maybe someone will even want to try it out for themselves! I can’t guarantee that your guests will be good at tossing pizza, but I can guarantee that they’ll have fun trying! Just imagine how festive and lively your welcome dinner will be. True pizza and pizza tossers – a winning combination! 

pizza - How to wow your guests at your Indian wedding in Italy!

4. Baraat and Vidai with a classic Ferrari or Alfa Romeo

Indian tradition has it that the groom arrives on a white horse or on an elephant to make the entrance as grand and triumphant as possible. So why not give an Italian flair to the Baraat by having the groom arrive instead aboard a roaring Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Louder than that … We are in the 21st century, and although we like to fully respect all the important traditions, some of them can be interpreted with a modern touch. And so, yes, the horse becomes a beautiful sports car or, why not, even in an elegant retro convertible for that touch of the classic Italian culture which was so loved by Hollywood stars and European nobility and who still live to take them for a drive with panoramic view of the rolling Tuscan hills or breathtaking hairpin bends of the Amalfi Coast. And then after the Vidaai ceremony the same car will be there to bring you and your husband away, crushing the coconut under its wheels.

And while most cars are rented by the day, you can also decide to use the same car for the honeymoon trip through beautiful Italy, just like in the movies. And we will organize your stay during each stage of your journey, thanks to our network of trusted partners.

I’m sure you will want to try one of these ideas at your wedding, and I can also give you many other suggestions depending on the villa, the event, and the budget you want to invest. Contact me if you want your Indian wedding in Italy to have a strong, high-impact wow factor.

baraat ooook - How to wow your guests at your Indian wedding in Italy!

As you can see, choosing Italy for your destination wedding means having the opportunity to have one-of-a-kind celebrations with a true wow-factor, leaving everyone speechless. And it also means creating a unique experience for you and your guests!

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