How a wedding setup project is born

or How we bring the dream weddings of our Indian couples to life

Italy is a beautiful country, full of natural landscapes of extraordinary beauty that are the perfect backdrop for romantic weddings in union with nature. And sometimes couples don’t even invest in expensive settings because the picturesque background is already enough to frame their wedding. Sometimes, however, a certain type of high-level decor is essential for some couples who want to make their wedding even more lavish and luxurious, highlighting this grandeur with an adequate setup. So I wanted to show you how we work on creating a wedding setup project to ensure that the idea of the couples comes to life and that their vision is created ad hoc.

Step 1: Understanding your idea of the wedding setup

First of all we need to understand your idea, which is an essential step. For this reason we always ask our couples to describe and explain as best as possible how they imagine their wedding. This is especially important for the main events such as the ceremony – or ceremonies, in case they do both Indian and civil ceremony. After that, we put together a mood board, with images and color palettes based on what the couples tell us. And we check if it fully corresponds to their ideas or if there is something to change.

Sometimes we happen to work in venues where it is not easy to imagine how a certain type of set-up could be created. Especially if they are venues that may not have had Indian weddings yet. Or, as happened for a recent wedding, it is a new venue that has just opened and which has not had any other wedding. And even more – the venue was seen by the couple while it was still a construction site. So definitely a difficult task to picture how the setup could have been done.

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Precisely with regard to this, I want to tell the story of the setup project of this wedding in a beautiful castle in Southern Italy. The bride wanted the wedding in a castle. She also wanted a unique setting, never seen before on social media, worthy of a real princess. The terrace of the Castle chosen for the ceremony was very large and triangular in shape with the tower in the background. Seating for 250 guests; a long aisle that started from the drawbridge from which the bride was to arrive; flowers, mirrors, abstract colors to underline her lively character full of ideas. These were the prerequisites for developing the wedding setup project. And to create a project of this magnitude, it is not possible to limit to photos (especially in this case since the renovations were not yet completed and there were no photos of other weddings). It’s pivotal to go on site with the florist and from there draft a project in line with the wishes of the bride.

Step 2: On-site inspection with the floral designer and creation of the sketches / mood boards

We at Best Indian Weddings Italy, for most of our weddings, work with a very experienced floral designer, also known outside of Italy, full of talent and ideas. He has a huge and very skilled team, capable of managing large-scale events. In fact, for the project of this event, after meeting on-site at the Castle, we had the opportunity to realistically discuss the ideas.

Obviously being there on-site was also an opportunity to take measurements. Because considering the large spaces it was important to calculate everything well to make a correct estimate. After having seen and discussed everything on the spot, with the mood boards created for the occasion in hand, a few weeks later we caught up again to see the developments of the project. Our talented floral designer had an extraordinary idea: to recreate a forest on that terrace, thus a fairytale ceremony – and I mean just like in fairytales. His idea explained over the phone wasn’t very clear at first and some steps weren’t easy to understand to me, let alone trying to explain it to the couple who obviously has no experience in setups. This is why to convey the idea better, sketches of the terrace set-up were created to give a visual idea of ​​how it could be done.

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This doesn’t happen for all ceremonies, as in some cases it’s visually clearer and unnecessary, while for others like in this case it’s definitely necessary. The sketch was therefore essential and decisive for the final choice of the setting during the final appointment with the couple and their parents. Because only in that way were they able to understand how that modern and bare terrace could be transformed into an enchanted forest full of greenery and flowers, ready to welcome this princess and her prince. Of course, the sketch has a cost, as the creation is entrusted to a professional illustrator who takes a long time to make them. But being a necessary support for a wedding setup project like this, you really can’t do without it.

Step 3: Selection of the right flowers and decor elements

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After choosing the sketch, we began to work on choosing the flowers, which certainly come in many different varieties but not all are in season and therefore have different costs and resist differently to the various weather conditions. The wedding in question took place in early August in the late afternoon. It was important to choose flowers that could withstand the heat during the preparation hours without dying wither before the ceremony. Obviously the florists don’t put the flowers in the sun in the hours before the ceremony, but they are kept in cool rooms and positioned just moments before. In any case, considering the time before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the photos to follow, it is important that everything remains perfect.

Several months of work followed to realize the final project. We worked on the choice of flowers, colors, lengths and dimensions of the terrace, all to ensure that the finished project not only fully corresponded to that proposed to the couple, but that it exceeded their expectations. It took a team of 10 people working for 3 days to set that wedding up. Not only the ceremony but also the dinner to follow, under a roof of fairy lights, with centerpieces for almost 30 tables and other details. Of course, the area of the ceremony was the most complex and important one.

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Couples often don’t come to understand why there is such a high cost for the wedding decor. Because they can’t imagine how much work there is behind the creation of a floral and design setup done by a professional. I already talked in a previous article about how to compare the prices of various florists, which you can read here >>>

Trust the specialists if you want an outstanding outcome of your Indian wedding in Italy

What often remains hidden is all the backstage work, which is not only on site but also and above all before the wedding. I mean the projects, the changes, the sketches, the quotations, the calculations done and re-done with every slightest change made to the project… All this takes up an enormous amount of time which certainly has its value. The dedication that we and our florist, as well as many other suppliers, dedicate to couples is full – day and night working to make the dreams of the couples who rely on us come true, to create that setup with a wow-factor that will remain forever in everyone’s memories as the frame of a beautiful ceremony. Just as it was in this Castle, with a noteworthy, magical and unique setting.

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And I have this fond memory of a phrase by the groom after the ceremony. He said: “Svetlana, now I agree that the setup was worth the money spent”. Because yes, they spent a lot, but the result was extraordinary and all the fears and concerns of not having invested their money well, immediately vanished at the first glance of this unique, tailor-made setup that reflected their personality.

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