How to avoid the trap of assembly line agencies

Discover the criteria for choosing your wedding planner in Italy

Are you looking for a wedding planner to whom entrust the planning of your Indian wedding in Italy? Read more about possible traps you can meet and discover some precious advice on how to choose a friendly-representative planner and avoid the “assembly line” kind of agency.

Try to picture the day you meet your wedding planner: at first you think she or he is nice, and then you decide to choose her/him. You sign the contract, feeling sure about spending the next year communicating with that person for the planning of your Indian wedding in Italy.

But then, after your down payment, you get told that a different person will be the one to escort you to see a potential location, someone you have never met before, and that you will only meet for that part of the planning.  And once you have chosen the villa, your escort will entrust the rest of the work to a third person, a planner, who will help you choose the vendors and plan most part of your Indian wedding in Italy.

Okay, you may say, at least this Planner, who knows everything about my wedding, will then stay with me during my big day. Wrong! And here’s the final surprise: your Planner will not be there with you on that day, but your Day-Coordinator will. A completely new person, who will be there to manage the event onsite.

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Dear Indian bride-to-be, don’t you feel like you are in the middle of an assembly-line, where everyone does its prearranged task in a mechanical and impersonal way, by planning several weddings per year, not taking really good care of your wedding and just worrying about leaving their mark?

If you would like to avoid all of this, then I’m about to give you some valuable advice to safeguard the development of your Indian wedding in Italy.

1. What advantages for an Indian bride-to-be?

The Wedding Planning field is a one-piece industry, and having different people for each phase of the planning brings benefits only to the agency. In this way, they can move clients and planners like pawns at will, dovetailing different events and reducing their own expenses, to the detriment of the quality of every single wedding.

But you, dear Indian bride-to-be, paying for this service, what advantages do you have? I’m sorry to say this: you don’t have any! Not only you find yourself explaining your wedding desires to a different person every time, maybe risking that some little detail gets forgotten, but also you will completely lose that human and personal connection that is so important when planning a wedding.

The wedding is the fulfillment of your teenage dream, and your wedding planner becomes a friendly representative, almost like a friend with whom you share your doubts and ideas, tell some secrets and maybe plan together a surprise for your better half.

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2. The trap of the first appointment

The selection of a wedding planner is based on empathy: as a matter of fact, you don’t actually choose the agency but the person, because you like them, their approach, they inspire trust and you get along well. Then, do you think it’s fair that you choose a person and then you find yourself planning your wedding with someone else?!

Unfortunately, this happens quite often. There are many agencies where the owner receives the couple on the first appointment (and who better than the owner to sell their agency?!). Brilliant, nice and well-prepared! You’re finally convincing yourself that this is the right person and that they will plan your destination wedding to perfection.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is a trap! That person, the agency owner you met on the first appointment, you won’t meet them again, if not maybe for the payments, and their employers will be the ones taking care of you, whether you like it or not. Of course, every owner needs to guarantee for their employers. But would you have really chosen this agency if you knew this from the beginning?!

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3. Advice to avoid the “assembly line” agency

Which agencies would you risk to bump into in this trap with? Definitely the big ones that have many different planners within their staff.

Of course these agencies have multiple weddings in their portfolio because they are able to manage different weddings simultaneously, working on the numbers. It may seem like a contradiction, but choosing an agency that does 30 – 40 – 50 weddings a year means falling into the “assembly line” trap and risking to compromise the quality of your Indian wedding in Italy.

Do you really want to become a number, a date, a code on your wedding planner’s calendar, or do you think you deserve more than this?

If you want to avoid the horrible trap, I suggest you:

  • – immediately ask for the agency’s organization chart, asking specific questions about how the planning of your wedding will be managed;
  • – ask for an appointment with the person who will directly manage the planning (provided that you want to move forward with this kind of agency);
  • – ask to put in the contract the names of those who will manage the phases of the planning of your Indian wedding in Italy, demanding the Planner and the Day-Coordinator to be the same person.
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4. What to do now?!

Well, at this point you need to ask yourself: “How valuable is the human connection? How important is it to have an approach which is fully customized and built around you, to plan your Indian wedding in Italy?” And then answer your own question! At that point you will be more aware of your wedding planner choice for your destination wedding.

I hope this article has really been useful to best organize your Indian wedding in Italy. And if you too are considering your destination wedding in Italy then start here!


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