Indian destination wedding in the time of the pandemic

Crazy or reasonable idea?

Destination wedding and Covid-19 pandemic – you could say I’m crazy, no one is thinking of getting married abroad right now, when we are still fighting the virus, and don’t know when it will be possible to travel again. Okay, the vaccine is ready, and some people are starting to get vaccinated right now. But not young people, who are in line to get married. Also, with other people coming first, we don’t know when young couples will be able to get the vaccine. So, it’s better to wait and then check the situation in a year or so, isn’t it?

Of course, if you get married in 2023-24, then it could work. Maybe. If no other virus or dangerous situation arises. Because every year we get to know about some new disease in some parts of the globe. And if you look back in time, you can see how many similar situations we have overcome in the past 20-30 years. Probably none of them was extended so globally as the coronavirus did, but we have successfully coped with all of that. And we’re going to do that with this virus too.

Do you really want to get married?

Instead, you should ask yourself: “Do I really want to get married?”. Because if you do, then you can make it happen, under the guidance and supervision of an expert of course, but you surely will. And if you dream of a destination wedding in the most romantic and requested country in the world – Italy – then you will also achieve that, in the most efficient and beautiful way, worthy of the most important event of your life, despite the pandemic.

Just think about the  last season, July through September, when many couples cancelled or postponed their weddings. And then they were so jealous looking at other couples who instead went ahead and had their amazing celebrations. And maybe those couples who postponed to Spring 2021 are now uncertain again about their wedding.  They have just lost time and now, the possibility to look at their amazing wedding pictures and go with their minds to their memorable Italian adventure.

A true story of a destination wedding during the pandemic

Today I want to leave the stage to one of these brave couples who didn’t get discouraged by the pandemic. Instead they moved ahead with the planning and then had the most awesome celebrations over the beautiful Italian sea. In fact, they felt lucky to have entrusted their event to the Specialist in Indian weddings in Italy who is knowledgeable about how this kind of events need to be planned and has strong organizing skills, able to deliver authentic and unforgettable Indian weddings in under all circumstances.

Dee and Jay followed their dream of a destination wedding in Italy, but they didn’t leave the planning to chance. Instead, they had frequent chat with their specialized wedding planner; they checked together all the possible scenarios; and they felt confident their Indian wedding was in the right hands.

If you’re afraid of the pandemic situation still going on and need support and inspiration, then listen to this couple! And please make sure you have a professional by your side who can support you in the planning process in the most realistic and efficient way, without hiding anything and working side by side with you on the realization of the most important event in your life!

We have transcribed the story of this pandemic destination wedding for you. Read what the couple says:

“I think we really wanted to have our wedding in Italy, and we were slightly unsure and stuff like that, so we checked with Svetlana, we checked with how the pandemic is going in Italy and in the UK, and things like that. So, for us we really wanted to celebrate in 2020 and have a plan to satisfy all together so that why we decided to postpone it from May to September. I think even last week we weren’t sure whether it was gonna happen or not. So we’ve done some last minute things but it’s perhaps really good.

It was very challenging. Because for example we didn’t know if the UK was going to lockdown. Our flights were changing, our guest list changed. I think two weeks before the actual event our guests list was changing, our flights were changing nonstop, so we were adjusting on travel adjustments and stuff like that. And also I think I even today I sent my family photo list for the wedding tomorrow.

It’s massive massive relief just to get here. I think especially with the circumstances, with the Covid, we’ve been planning this wedding for over 18 months, or 18 months thereabout. So to finally get here it’s a massive massive relief. And I think the support from your side especially (Svetlana) and you Gloria it’s been massively helpful for us, I’m just glad that everyone is here, well almost everyone is here.

I just wanna say thank you to Svetlana for organizing our Indian wedding in Sorrento, Italy. She’s been absolutely fabulous. We obviously had to reschedule our wedding from May to September. Didn’t think it was gonna happen, but Svetlana made it happen. Even with the weather that is terrible at the moment, she was able to do sort of adjust all the rooms, the venues, the decor and stuff like that which is amazing. I think that this rapport I’ve had with Svetlana is absolutely amazing. I mean I messaged her even at 11 o’ clock in the night, I messaged her on Saturday, Sunday, I think I even messaged her on her birthday for help, so I think Svetlana is absolutely amazing.”