Wedding Designer –Wedding Planner – Wedding Specialist: Who do you need for your Indian wedding?

Wedding Designer –Wedding Planner – Wedding Specialist: a distinction that many people can’t make. And that many professionals don’t make on purpose to avoid specific questions.

When approaching the world of wedding planners, being so vast and complex, you probably don’t know where to start and how to choose the person who is going to plan your Indian wedding and celebrations. After all everyone refers to them as “wedding planners” as if they all fell under the same category. And as you can tell from that name, they “plan your wedding”, that’s it. It all seems so easy, but is that really so? For someone who doesn’t work in the wedding industry, it’s really hard – if not impossible – to know all the nuances and peculiarity there might be. And for you, approaching an Indian destination wedding in Italy, it’s extremely important to understand who’s in front of you. Only this way you can choose the right professional to trust for your Indian wedding in Italy. Otherwise, you risk entrusting someone who may be good, but it’s not right for you and your needs. And as a consequence, this leading you to be stressed out and on edge until the last day of the wedding, risking something to go wrong and don’t end up with the result you wanted.

So let’s see together different professional figures you may encounter in Italy and their differences, and how to understand who you’re dealing with.  Let’s attempt to take stock of the situation:


The most common figure you’ll run into is the Wedding Designer. However, many of them have “wedding planner” written on their business cards or web sites. A wedding designer takes care of the visual aspect of the wedding, of the design indeed, such as setups, décor, the couple’s logo on the menu, stylish plates and cutlery… The most important part for them is how the wedding looks. As a matter of fact, most Italian weddings really needs the Wedding Designer. They have to gather their ideas creating a theme, a color palette or a leitmotiv of the wedding, and couples can’t do that by themselves. So they call a creative professional, who creates a coordinated project, and then realizes it, creates the setup of the ceremony and the reception.

wedding designer for indian wedding in italy - Wedding Designer –Wedding Planner – Wedding Specialist: Who do you need for your Indian wedding?

But the wedding designers don’t take care of the logistics, the timings, the guests, and so on, because it’s usually the couples who take care of all of that. But for you, coming from abroad with so many guests, the most important part is not the visual aspect of the wedding, but everything else! The wedding designer leaves the planning to you, and you end up becoming a bridezilla, going crazy with all the logistics, because no one warned you that your “planner” doesn’t take care of this part. Of course, it’s not so easy figuring out who is who. The trick is trying to understand it based on what they talk about. If they start talking about stylish dishes, matching stationery and stuff like that, then be sure it’s a Wedding Designer. And even if he or she shows you amazing pictures with coordinated setups and gorgeous décor, but then leaves you with the task of handling the complex logistics of your destination wedding, is that really worth it? Do you want an amazing setup, but unhappy guests – finding yourself in some unforeseen drama? Or do you want happy guests, a relaxed planning and a beautiful setup anyway? 


Then you have the Wedding Planners, who take care of the organization of the wedding, who plan weddings. In fact they put you in contact with the designers, the florists and other service providers who will then prepare the project of your wedding.  A wedding planner manages the logistics, often has experience in destination weddings and knows that this part needs to be managed thoroughly. In fact, if you have a Wedding Planner in front of you then he or she will surely speak you about the spreadsheets, timetables, logistic details and offer you different solutions.

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This professional might seem a right one for you – and this figure is surely closer to what you need, but again it isn’t complete. Managing the timings and planning an event is not enough to guarantee the perfect outcome of a wedding, especially if it’s an Indian one. A wedding planner only has an approximate knowledge of an Indian wedding’s needs. He or she doesn’t have the right experience to understand what those needs are, what kind of suppliers you need and what venues to propose. And if a supplier says that something is “better this or that way for a good outcome of the event”, then they can’t say for sure if that suggestion from the supplier mainly helps the supplier or the couple. And you end up trusting the good faith of the wedding planner and the honesty of the supplier. But would that make you feel sure and protected? I really doubt that.

An Indian wedding is so much different than any other weddings! There are so many things to take into account. If you don’t have a professional specialized in planning Indian weddings by your side, taking care of every single detail, you risk that your wedding will, yes be well planned, but not in the right timings and logistics of an Indian wedding; risking last minute setbacks and last minute extra expenses. All of this because generic wedding planners are used to Italian or European weddings, which don’t have such needs! It’s easy to overlook many aspects which are important for an Indian wedding, that are not typical for non-Indian weddings, even if a wedding planner may have planned an Indian wedding before. It means that your wedding planning wouldn’t be complete. It would be up to you to grab the planning sheet and see if there’s something missing; all of this driving you crazy with all the extra unnecessary stress!


But there is also a different wedding professional who has a deep knowledge of every part of Indian weddings, knows all the rituals, their specific timings and all those aspects to not overlook and take care of. This professional is the Wedding Specialist who plans weddings only for a small niche of clients because they are specialized in this kind of weddings. Not only, the Wedding Specialist selects the right venues adapt for the kind of weddings he or she is specialized in, selects the providers able to guarantee authentic services, and especially is able to judge if a venue/supplier/situation is the right one or not to protect the couple and make sure that everything goes in the right way. With the Wedding Specialist there won’t be any waste of time explaining all the details. And you can sleep soundly knowing that everything will be planned as it should! And especially you have a professional who works in your interest and protects you from people who try to take advantage of of you.

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There is a Specialist of Chinese weddings in Italy for example, and we here at Best Indian Weddings Italy are specialized in planning Indian weddings. We have a deep knowledge of the Indian culture, we share your values, and we are prepared to plan all kind of Indian weddings. And even if Indian destination weddings are a small number compared to all the other destination weddings, we decided to renounce to all of them and to dedicate ourselves to Indian couples only.

The choice of the right professional depends on your wedding needs

So now that you have understood the difference among these three professionals and how to figure out who is who, you can make the right choice for you and your wedding. If you just want a small white dress ceremony with only few people and plan on a budget wedding, then you could potentially opt for a wedding designer to put together a nice setup for you. If instead you have more guests flying with you, but you don’t care about Indian elements to introduce in your wedding celebrations and you are absolutely okay with everything Italian, then a wedding planner would work for you. But if you’re looking for an authentic Indian wedding in Italy with all the traditional elements respected, and mostly, you want a stress-free planning without having to explain every little detail, you’re best choice is the Indian Weddings Specialist.

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