Traditional Sikh wedding in Gurdwara in Northern Italy

Amardeep and Sony are a Sikh couple from the UK, with two very traditional families who didn’t want to have an unconventional wedding that wasn’t celebrated inside the Gurdwara. For this reason, when they contacted us to plan their wedding, they immediately made it clear that they wanted to get married inside the temple. Unfortunately, in Italy there are no Gurdwaras as beautiful as there are in the UK, which have the same level and are as impressive. Therefore we had to adapt to the choices that Italy offers in terms of Gurdwaras. Through acquaintances, the couple chose a Gurdwara in northern Italy, in Bergamo, where the largest Sikh community in the country is located.

Our job then was to organize everything else, while the Gurdwara would take care of the ceremony itself. Not all areas of Italy are so full of venues that are suitable for the needs of a destination wedding. We started working from the Villa that the couple wanted for the reception. They wanted something very impressive to wow their guests. Since the Bergamo area is mostly flat land, there aren’t many venues that have such good views. The search for the venue was not easy, but after our proposals the couple selected a few villas to visit. In the end they chose a Castle on a panoramic hill with vineyards around it, a beautiful cloister and a stunning indoor hall. When the couple saw this elegant hall with very high ceilings and classy decors, their choice was immediate.

All the traditional Sikh elements were taken into account

Another important aspect for them was having Indian food, in fact in collaboration with a local high level catering company and an Indian restaurant we were able to put together an Indian menu that corresponded to the expectations of the bride and groom.

It was an intimate wedding with just 100 people, and being two very traditional families, the couple didn’t have to see each other before the wedding. Therefore they needed two separate villas for the two families to hold their pre-wedding events in, and nearby hotels for the other guests.

For Amardeep we chose a luxury Villa with swimming pool and large private garden where she had her Jaggo, Mehndi, Maiyan, Sangeet and Choora. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, but luckily the halls of the villa were large and therefore we had no problems with plan B. Our Mehndi artist did an excellent job on the bride, with a beautiful henna design. Sony instead chose a more rustic villa, in the middle of the hills, which had a very suggestive atmosphere. He stayed there with his family and got ready for the wedding day.

Intimate yet classy Sikh wedding in Italy perfectly executed by our team suppliers

For the wedding everything was well managed by the local Gurdwara, and the reception was a huge high level party. The couple made the change of look directly in the frescoed rooms of the Castle, where they then had their photo shoot. Their guests enjoyed the cocktail hour by the pool with the notes of a harp played live in the background.

To make this reception even more high level, a famous DJ, Harv Kudos, flew from the UK. We often collaborate with him for Punjabi weddings, and he always makes all the guests dance like there’s no tomorrow.

For the decor we relied on our trusted flower designer who created stunning centerpieces in line with the color palette chosen by the bride. To amaze the guests even more, we also had luminous entertainers who did their show and then danced together with the bride and groom and guests in the middle of the hall.

The finale of the evening was very romantic, with LED balloons launched into the sky by each of the guests who sent their wish to the bride and groom. A very intimate but very beautiful and exciting party for both the bride and groom and their guests.